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The Physician Retraining and Reentry program deliver the latest in primary care medical knowledge to participants, and utilizes educational methodologies to confirm that the material is mastered.
At least two studies of single sessions of computerized attention retraining and three studies of multiple treatment sessions in adults have shown significant reductions in anxiety after treatment.
Part of that effect may be due to concentrating on retraining rather than trying to find new .
For more information on Retraining of Racehorses visit www.
Far too often, the Hazard Communication regulation is interpreted to mean that each time a replacement product is introduced to a job or task, such as switching from brand A to brand B of the same product, retraining would be necessary.
Many counseling and retraining efforts do, in fact, amount to little more than support groups for jobless workers.
Twenty trainees have gone through the 10-day course since the start of the year ( and seven of them have already started new jobs right across the region, thanks to the retraining they've received.
Regardless of whether dancers invest in retraining, they're likely to do better financially than they did when they were dancing.
These libraries can be "dropped into" existing environments without upgrading backup software, retraining staff, or changing existing backup and business processes.
Restorative nursing programs need to be involved in initiating proper bladder retraining and toileting programs and then must monitor the programs as residents' function improves.
Awful districts like Los Angeles Unified saw student achievement in math and reading skyrocket after introducing Open Court, explicit phonics and English immersion, and retraining teachers who learned zilch at teacher colleges.
The program is directed by Lisa Marsh, a pianist and former registered nurse experienced in retraining injured musicians.