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RETRANSRetransmission Station
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This option allows the machine to receive a document from one location and automatically retransmit it to other fax machines.
Receipt and review of this research report constitutes your agreement not to redistribute, retransmit, or disclose to others the contents, opinions, conclusion, or information contained herein.
The Defendants then unlawfully retransmit those channels to consumers who have purchased the Loolbox set-top box.
If we accept the state return, but the IRS rejects the federal return, don't retransmit the state return," said Beach.
Either way, the loss of up to 1 or more packets in every 100 causes the TCP transport to retransmit packets, slow down the transmission of packets from a given source, and re-enter slow-start mode each time a packet is lost.
The cable companies do not pay to retransmit the signals of TV-network stations, but the networks have pressured cable operators to carry their premium channels, such as ABC's ESPN or NBC's MSNBC.
Now, the local ABC affiliate's owner is suing the satellite TV giant, claiming that Dish is breaking the law by retransmitting KEZI and sister station KDRV in Medford without a current agreement that sets the price Dish pays to retransmit those channels in its respective markets.
Receive P25 Digital or Encrypted and Retransmit Clear