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Placed RHP Josh Tomlin, OF Nick Swisher and INF Zach Walters on the 15-day DL; Walters retroactive to March 27, Tomlin to March 29 and Swisher to April 2.
However, a brief example using the credit can shine light on financial reporting issues of retroactive tax law changes.
Retroactive payments and cost of living spending reached $350 million up to October 2012, from $130 million during the same period in 2011.
The API statement added that the retroactive standards will increase costs.
Bill 44 effectively nullifies the Proctor & Gamble decision, not only for the taxpayer in the case, but for all affected businesses and does so on a retroactive basis back to May 7, 1997.
More applications were being made for retroactive awards to cover deficiencies, rather than treating it as water under the bridge.
The retroactive payments will affect those retirees who qualified for payments when the laws took affect to the point their payments begin.
Due to the number of General Schedule employees involved, DFAS will process the retroactive portion of the increase for prior paydays over the course of at least two pay periods.
Gay" advocate Elliott estimates that 1,500 homosexuals across the country will be eligible for the extended benefits and that this will cost the federal government $400 million in retroactive payments.
Virtually all claims-made policies have a retroactive date that serves to limit the time period in which an incident must occur in order for coverage to be available.
Claims-made insurance policies respond to claims made in writing during the policy period, which occurs after the retroactive date.
03, which was due in full by Wednesday, May 28, is retroactive for the period April 1,2002, to April 1, 2003.