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REVRevelations (bible)
REVRevlon Inc (stock symbol)
REVReverendo (Spanish title)
REVRevolver (Beatles album)
REVReticuloendotheliosis Virus
REVRequirements Engineering Visualization (IEEE workshop)
REVRon Eydt Village (University of Waterloo)
REVRepresentative Elementary Volume
REVReconnaissance, Expérience, Valorisation (French: Recognition, Learning, Enrichment)
REVReal Estate Voices (website)
REVRéseau d'Entraide Volontaire (French: Mutual Volunteer Network)
REVRoom's Eye View
REVRotating-Element Electric-Field Vector
REVRace Evolution Vehicle (Transformers)
REVBiennial Vietnam National Conference on Radio & Electronics
REVRedundancy Expected Value
REVRemote Evaluation Specification
REVReal Estate Valuation (appraisals)
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In the studies, the reversal effects of idarucizumab were evident immediately, within minutes after administration of 5 grams of idarucizumab.
2008), the blocked-trial procedure was used only during the initial intermixed discrimination training, but not during reversal phases.
The plan is similar to the Longhorn reversal as this will not be the first time this line has been reversed: Line 9 was originally built in 1976 to supply Quebec refineries with western Canada crude oil.
With the reversal that has reportedly been completed at the end of the year, some changes will be observed according to experts.
A vasectomy reversal is a microscopic operation that restores the connection of the vas deferens, previously severed during a vasectomy.
And while reversals have happened more frequently in 'recent' years, when dinosaurs walked Earth a reversal was more likely to happen only about every one million years.
So your chance of having a baby after reversal is around 50% but only 25% if it's after more than 10 years.
Reproductive outcome after tubal reversal in women 40 years of age or older.
By not using reversal agents, or by using agents that work slowly, patient recovery from surgery is prolonged," said Professor Manfred Blobner from the Klinik fur Anasthesiologie der Technischen Universitat Munchen, Germany.
The opposition's "Trigger" could very easily be one of the poorest ballhandlers, while the passer who made the reversal pass (1) is probably one of the better ballhandlers and would then be denied the re-reversal pass, since the 10-second time limit has already started.
The rules of wrestling (the high school variety, not the cable TV folding-chair-across-the-back version) dictate that a competitor receives two points for a reversal maneuver.
polarization component, which is perpendicular to the plane spanned by the spin of the decaying neutron and the electron momentum, would signal a violation of time reversal symmetry and thus physics beyond the Standard Model.