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RVRecreational Vehicle
RVRiver Valley (Singapore)
RVReview (medical)
RVRuntime Verification
RVResearch Vessel
RVRoyal Vegas
RVRight Ventricular
RVRelief Valve
RVRevert (Wikimedia Foundation)
RVRendezvous (military)
RVRendezvous (logging abbreviation)
RVReceived Votes (sports ranking)
RVRight Ventricle
RVRigveda (Indian sacred collection)
RVRental Vehicle
RVRandom Variable
RVRetroverted (uterus)
RVResidual Volume (lung)
RVResponse Vehicle
RVRotavirus Vaccine
RVRecirculation Valve
RVRevised Version (of the Bible; published in 1881-1885)
RVRappaport-Vassiliadis (salmonella enrichment broth)
RVRemote View
RVRød Valgallianse
RVRéalité Virtuelle (French: Virtual Reality)
RVRated Voltage
RVRateable Value (business premises terminology)
RVRabies Virus
RVRelease Valve
RVReference Voltage
RVReactor Vessel
RVReconnaissance Vehicle
RVRelatieve Vochtigheid (Dutch: Relative Humidity)
RVRescue Vessel
RVRalston Valley (Colorado)
RVRadar View
RVResident Visitor
RVRyom Verzeichnis (Works of Vivaldi list by Peter Ryom)
RVRifle Volunteers (British Army)
RVRhino Virus
RVReceipt Voucher
RVReceive Variable
RVRunway Visibility
RVRadar Vector
RVRetrieval Vessel (US NASA)
RVRuins Vacation
RVRegulatory Verification (various locations)
RVRuneVillage (RuneScape gaming discussion forum)
RVRoutine Verification
RVRoss Volunteers (Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets)
RVRing Voice
RVRecombination Velocity
RVRadius of Vulnerability
RVReentry/Remote Vehicle
RVUS Revenue Motor Vehicle Use (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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As a commission, it is our mandate to verify that the land has no legitimate owner then we can make a decision on how to revert the same to the residents," Swazuri said.
But, how long will it take for the ratio to revert to the mean?
The report indicated that 43 percent of these mortgages were due to revert to principal-and-interest repayment arrangements within the next 18 months, which would mean higher repayments for borrowers.
According to the Sun, he added that if the 'Baby' hitmaker ever reverts back to his super cool rap name, he is up for a charity boxing match and the winner will get to keep the name and donate their car to charity.
Spurs may now revert to their ageold status as also-rans.
At the open of the market on 12 October 2011, the company said it will revert back to AGEN.
But the group announced that from June 1, customers taking out a new mortgage would no longer revert to the SVR when their deal came to an end, but would instead be put on to its new homeowner variable rate, which is currently 3.
ONE of Dublin's top radio stations plans to revert to its old name - after spending hundreds of thousands of euros promoting a new one in 2008.
hings often revert back to what they re before, a lot of old industrial sites re now parks and nature reserves.
Cell researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine reported they have identified key molecular players responsible for allowing adult cells to revert back into a primordial, stem cell state in fruit flies.
People with less than a 25 per cent equity stake in their home are likely to be better off staying on their lender's standard variable rate, which they revert to when their current deal comes to an end, than they are remortgaging.
He said:"As a revert to Islam, people may have to cope with negative reactions because of the way the media often portrays Muslims as terrorists.