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RIALSResearch Institute for Advancement of Living Standards (Japan)
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The retail exchange rate was 10,900 rials to the dollar yesterday, softer than the 10,700 target set by the Central Bank of Iran after it pumped hard currency into the local market.
2 billion rials from 907m rials at the end of December, while deposits grew to 1.
That was raised to 445,000 rials two months later and to 455,000 rials two months after that in April 2011.
Oman based its initial 2011 budget on a projected oil price of $58 per barrel and expected a deficit of 850 million rials.
For taxi drivers, the gasoline ration at 4,000 rials per liter is not 60 liters a month but 500 liters (132 gallons).
39 million in 2013 rials as against 152,476 rials in 2012.
8 million rials, and that the number of customers using its fixed services increased 71 percent to 13,300 in the first half of the year.
The exchange passed 30,000 rials to the dollar on December 7 and kept creeping up, passing 31,000 on April 13, then jumping to 33,000 over the next nine days and setting off widespread concern that six months of remarkable stability was coming to an end.
He mentioned, value-added tax earnings and expenses are expected to hit 190 trillion rials.
63 million rials and 16 million rials in a net profit survey in July.
Iran's foreign exchange reserves by the end of (the Iranian month of) Mehr rose to more than 661 trillion rials .
The government actually has only a single rate now, which is 25,440 rials to the dollar.