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RIALSResearch Institute for Advancement of Living Standards (Japan)
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Government officials who were earlier saying this was just a blip and the rial would soon regain its strength have little to say now.
From Tuesday, motorists using phone mobile while driving or other electronic equipment may face a 10-day jail-term and be slapped with a fine not exceeding 300 rials.
Capital revenues have raised 25 million rials from 20 million and capital repayments to 35 million rials from 30 million.
The report also noted that the money supply declined 45 billion rials in August to reach 3.
Based on the new prices, semi-subsidized super gasoline and free market super gasoline will also be presented at 8,000, and 11,000 rials, respectively.
Since January 2012, the Iranian government had maintained a subsidized rate of 12,260 rials to the dollar; this rate was meant to be used principally to import the most vital goods, such as food and medicine.
Instead, a few black market dealers were offering the dollar at 35,000 rials -- close to the all-time low of more than 36,000 reached last week when the rial plunged 40 percent in value.
The state news agency Saba said the draft budget includes 65 billion rials for unpaid wage increases to public sector employees dating to 2005-2010 and 21 billion rials for increases that had been slated for 2011.
The price of dollars rose 7 per cent from Saturday, the last working day, to 20,500 rials, up 15 per cent from last week.
600 rials selon un agent de change, alors qu'il avait atteint 17.
The exchange rate for December 2010 was around 10,500 rials to the dollar.
14 -- The value of the Yemeni rial has rapidly increased in the last two days from 238 rials to 218 rials to the dollar, leaving some angry after losing thousands of rials in the exchange rate.