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RIFTSRapidly Installed Fuel Transfer System
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A warm wind blew from the westward, and heavy clouds moved slowly across the sky, with half a moon peeping occasionally through the rifts.
But, as in all cases of complicated perjury, rifts and contradictions in the various stories appeared.
Barbicane immediately enlightened his companion as to what he knew about lunar rifts.
The intellect is a cleaver; it discerns and rifts its way into the secret of things.
The surface is very uneven, rising like the waves of a troubled sea, descending low, and interspersed by rifts that sink deep.
At a little distance stood a wooden church, black with age, and in a dismal state of ruin and decay, with broken windows, a great rift through the main body of the edifice, and a rafter dangling from the top of the square tower.
A terrible sorrow had fallen upon him when he had been happy and he had let his soul fill itself with blackness and had refused obstinately to allow any rift of light to pierce through.
Now we had come to a spot where there is a great rift of black rock, and the name of that rift is U'Donga-lu-ka- Tatiyana.
The heavens opened, and across the blue rift it hung in a glory of celestial fire, while from behind and above the clouds came a warbling as of innumerable larks.
The youth, peering once through a sud- den rift in a cloud, saw a brown mass of troops, interwoven and magnified until they appeared to be thousands.
This latter direction I at once established by means of a pocket-compass; then, pointing the glass as nearly at an angle of forty-one degrees of elevation as I could do it by guess, I moved it cautiously up or down, until my attention was arrested by a circular rift or opening in the foliage of a large tree that overtopped its fellows in the distance.
Pit and rift and blue pool-brim, Middle-Jungle follow him