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RIGHTRhode Island Guild of Home Teachers
RIGHTResearch Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy (US and Italy)
RIGHTResearch Into Global Healthcare Tools (UK)
RIGHTResiding in Group Housing Together (Washington, DC)
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soften [left and right arrow] moderate [left and right arrow] temper [left and right arrow] harden
source [left and right arrow] root [left and right arrow] settle [left and right arrow] sink
That satisfied the constitutional requirement of ratification by three-quarters of the states, and the Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution.
Many people say that the Bill of Rights, which is celebrating its 215th anniversary this year, is the most important part of America's most important document.
This freedom obviously includes the right to pursue "such callings and avocations as may be most suitable to develop his capacities.
The First Amendment secures 'the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances,' and the Fourth safeguards '[t]he right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.
Dershowitz's approach to the origin of rights is significant in that it provides secularists with a valid theoretical basis from which to discuss the concept of fundamental human rights.
We claim the right to life, but we also claim a right to destroy developing human life if its health is not entirely up to standard, or if it is not the preferred sex, or if it is merely inopportune.
Recalling FDR's proposal for a "second of bill of rights" protecting basic human needs, Sunstein urges Americans to recognize a new list of constitutional rights, including access to a good education and health care, and the opportunity to work at a fair wage--in essence, economic rights in addition to the largely political rights enshrined in the country's founding documents.
Hence, by introducing a discourse predicated on the acceptance of the existence of God, and His exclusive right to order human life, Muslims immediately deny the discourse the common ground necessary for it to proceed with any meaning or logic.
The Sixth Amendment right to counsel, however, does not hinge on the issue of custody.