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RWRed Wings (Detroit, MI hockey team)
RWReal World
RWRewritable (disk)
RWRight Wing
RWRoad Warrior
RWRobbie Williams (british singer)
RWRed Wine
RWRace Walking
RWRevolutionary War
RWRound the World (airfare construction)
RWRight-of-Way (various state and local governments)
RWRobot Wars (British TV show)
RWRobin Williams (actor)
RWRoger Waters (member of Pink Floyd)
RWRiver Water
RWRetaining Wall (construction)
RWRandom Walk
RWRufus Wainwright (singer)
RWRotary Wing
RWRoca Wear (clothing line)
RWRaw Water
RWRelative Work (now Formation Skydiving)
RWRoot Word
RWRoger Wilco (voice chat over IP)
RWReconnaissance Wing
RWRon Wood (musician)
RWResistance Welding
RWRadio Watch (for ACG forms)
RWRain Shower (weather reports)
RWRaid Warning (gaming)
RWRecurrent Wheezing
RWRadar Warning
RWRaging Waters (California water park)
RWRisk Weight
RWRadiological Warfare
RWReaction Wheel
RWRolling Walker (medical product)
RWRed Wizard (Final Fantasy game)
RWRationalWiki (website)
RWRigid Wall
RWRonald Weasley (Harry Potter character)
RWRandom Weight
RWRadiation Work
RWRailway World (magazine; aka Railways)
RWRobertson-Walker Metric (an exact solution of Einstein's field theory of relativity)
RWRoll Wrapping
RWRoad Wing
RWRight Waist Gunner
RWResourceful Women (San Francisco, CA)
RWRetirement Weekly
RWRare Ware (game company)
RWRadiological Warhead
RWRadio Warfare
RWResidual Wave
RWRidgetown Waterway
RWUS Revenue Hunting Permit (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
RWRussian Woman
RWRoyal Wedding (UK)
RWRink Warriors (roller derby)
RWRussell Watson (British tenor)
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We also assessed whether the right-of-way was a barrier to movements by comparing homing success of individuals translocated across the right-of-way to those translocated across the right-of-way at control sites.
Electric utility right-of-ways often are covered with thick, low-lying vegetation that seem to provide an ideal environment for migratory birds to rest along major flyways.
Providers will also tackle the tug-of-war between municipalities and providers over the occupation of right-of-ways.
He is responsible for the preparation/signing of all preliminary plans, record plats, right-of-ways, and easements.
These traffic signs support systems will be used in the installation of traffic signs in the Citys right-of-ways.
While the time and cost constraints associated with laying cable can be prohibitive, the XP4 DS-3 requires no land-based right-of-ways.
It looks like our best option is into a line that is about two miles away and this will require obtaining right-of-ways and of course, laying the line.
The City of Los Angeles has been the only city to deny a franchise and Pacific Pipeline has sued to condemn right-of-ways under 9.
Running from the City of Philadelphia to Spring Township, the rail line will utilize existing freight railroad right-of-ways, both active and unused, and generally parallel the Schuylkill River.
The Portable Workstation has been used in remediation projects at petroleum distribution terminals, military bases, refineries, pipelines, airports, vehicle maintenance facilities, railroad right-of-ways, soil burning and bioremediation sites, and gasoline tank farms.
The expansion encompasses the addition of 167 miles of new pipeline, of which 91 percent is along existing right-of-ways, and the addition of 132,615 horsepower of compression, including three new compressor stations.
The company's flagship product now incorporates workflows for Incident and Claims Management, Integrity Management, Maintenance, Monitoring, Right-of-Ways, Asset Field Operations, Damage Prevention and other field activities common to utility and energy providers.