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RIVARemote Interactive Visualization and Analysis (terrain rendering system)
RIVAReal-time Interactive Video and Animation Accelerator (NVIDIA)
RIVAReal Time Infrastructure Valuation Analysis (Canada)
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The RIVA S delivers unparalleled audio quality as a result of its 3 full-range, custom, 40mm ADX drivers and 4 custom dual-piston bass radiators all powered with a best-in-class 30-Watts amplifier.
EAHP is a great opportunity for European pharmacists and hospital top management to obtain a first-hand impression of how to revolutionize their compounding facility by implementing RIVA, substantially improving patient safety while increasing operational efficiency," said Efi Gross, CEO of NEVO Europe.
Ferruccio Rossi, Ferretti Group s CEO said, It s a very special day for Riva and for all of us at the Ferretti Group as it marks a new chapter in Riva s prestigious 172 year history.
The Riva Starr sound has many different angles to it," Riva adds.
Since then, Riva has opened new clubs and made acquisitions.
RIVA TNT2 Pro Targets Mainstream Performance PC Market
The bar and restaurant combine to make Ritz and Riva Bingo Clubs a great way to spend the evening.
Safety reduces costs, and RIVA provides hospitals with a very high 'safety dividend' that is a unique and invaluable aspect of its ROI," said Dr.
This investment builds on the strong momentum and great reviews generated by the launch of the RIVA Turbo X Bluetooth speaker at CES 2015.
Unlike apps that recommend content for a particular category, Riva recommends content specifically for you, making possible more accurate recommendations that don't miss out on content you'd miss if limited to categories
Each Medion PC is built to order and comes with a number of advanced features, including the integrated RIVA TNT graphics processor.
This is the third time in three years that RIVA has been recognized in a KLAS report.