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RJERemote Job Entry
RJERAND Journal of Economics (Santa Monica, CA)
RJERéseau Judiciaire Européen (French: European Judicial Network)
RJERevue Juridique de l'Environnement (French: Environmental Law Review)
RJEReform Jewish Educator (Reform Jewish Educator Title Granting Commission)
RJER. Jelani Eddington (music production)
RJEReturn Jump and Explode
RJERéseau des Jeunes Entreprises (French: Youth Business Network)
RJERegenerated Junctional Epithelium (periodontology)
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Having collected gold in sTod lung phu, he stayed in Bal po on the way, and then reached rDo rje gdan, where he searched for a true teacher (ibid.
org>; Alexandra Langlais, << L'obligation d'evaluation environnementale interpellee par un dispositif de suppression de mesures agroenvironnementales >> (2011) 36:5 RJE 125 a la p 134 et s.
13) bod kyi chab srid 'dzin skyong bya phyogs ni bdag cag gi ston pa thugs rje can gyis legs par gsungs pa'i dam pa'i chos kyi dgongs don drang bden dang/ 'dra mnyam/ dmangs gtso bcas kyi gzhi rtsa'i bus shugs je che je cher gtong rgyu'i blo 'dod dngons yod de don nges par dgos pa yin/ (bod kyi rtsa khrims 9-10)
The same text (2012: 8) further notes that Blo bzang stan pa'i sgron me along with Gtsang pa Blo bzang mkhas btsun had taken novice vow from Gtsang ston Rol pa'i rdo rje and later both, Bstan pa'i sgron me and Blo bzang mkhas btsun went together to central Tibet.
Many thanks go to mKhas mchog rdo rje (interview 2008) for this and other information.
Shakya Ye shes is frequently designated in later Tibetan sources by a title Byams then chos rje (literally 'Great Compassionate Master of Dharma') a Tibetan rendition of the title Da zi fa wang (literally 'Great Compassionate King of Dharma'), bestowed on him by the Xuande Emperor, whom he visited much later in his life, in 1434-35, shortly before his death.
RJE played an important part in the development of the Welsh steel industry since the 1970s and was a key supplier to the international giant Corus - a relationship which has been rekindled by Innotech.
RJE Business Interiors, services also include refurbishing and warehousing office furnishings.
3270Link is a natural extension of Serengeti's product family - having earned market recognition as a leader in 3780 and 3770 RJE host connectivity, 3270Link propels Serengeti into the mainstream of enterprise computing.
The 5285 can function either as an RJE (remote job-entry) station or a 3270," explains Kay.
Tibetan sate originated when a group under the Lig myi dynasty prevailed against Zing-po rje.