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ROBORobot Hobo (Futurama cartoon)
ROBORecord Organized by Objective (psychiatry)
ROBORemote Office/Branch Office
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With this expanded indication, the Flex Robotic System becomes the first robotic surgical platform offering the ability to access hard to reach anatomy in both otolaryngology and colorectal procedures without the limits imposed by straight, rigid instruments.
Medical robotic systems allow surgeons greater access to areas under operation using more precise and less invasive methods.
However, the report states that the overall IT robotic automation market will be negatively affected by security concerns of the technology over increased access to an individual.
Less blood loss, faster recovery with invariably less pain and scar, lesser tissue trauma are some of the aspects that make Robotic surgery preferable to the conventional surgical procedure.
KEY WORDS: Robotic surgery, da Vinci robot, Gynecology, Laparoscopy, Minimally invasive surgery.
Despite having high skills for both surgeries at our institution, robotic wins out on blood loss.
Robotic surgery has been used to treat ailments common to African Americans, such as prostate cancer, coronary artery disease, and acid reflux.
What the team found: Study participants responded positively to the robotic cat.
It adds that any robotic mission to Hubble should be used solely to move the observatory" out of its orbit at the end of its life, sometime around 2013.
Battlelab and Air Force Research Laboratory workers developed the REDCAR family of robotic vehicles.
Although they are far from ready to be deployed as marine pollution fighters or mine detectors, Grasso's robotic lobsters have demonstrated that the concept is valid and worthy of further investment of research funding and effort.
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