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ROBORobot Hobo (Futurama cartoon)
ROBORecord Organized by Objective (psychiatry)
ROBORemote Office/Branch Office
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The third robotic vehicle, called Matilda, is a small-scale, tracked vehicle that can be carried on MDARS.
That adds several layers of difficulty to the challenge, and the lobsters and their robotic doppelgangers may not be up to it--because a lobster crawls along the ocean floor chasing stationary targets, its approach is basically two-dimensional.
General Dynamics Robotic Systems has been developing autonomous navigation systems for the last 10 years," said Mark Del Giorno, General Dynamics Robotic Systems vice president of engineering.
The robotic surgery took slightly longer than open-heart surgery but was less painful and less stressful.
The use of robotic technology appears to enhance communication between adults and children concerning traumatic events.
A robotic arm, controlled by the operating doctor to mimic his or her own wrist movements, will be ultra efficient in laying sutures and tying knots.
The global robotic surgery market is characterized by intense competition, rapid technological advancements, frequent new product introductions, and evolving industry standards.
Demonstrating low-cost robotic trimming and routing.
We had done a lot of automation throughout the coreroom, but it had always been a case of applying custom-designed, hard-tooled 'homemade' robots to existing manual operations," said Bill Shapiro, project manager for the robotic cell.
Now, using robot-assisted surgery, doctors can perform the same operation using remote-controlled robotic hands.
1 -- 2 -- color -- ran in AV edition only) Workers unload a robotic Tyrannosaurus rex Thursday.
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