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ROBSRapid Optical Beam Steering
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Rob and his mother were sheltered over night in the jail, also, but next morning were roughly bade to go about their business.
Rob felt as though his heart was broken at this loss.
The truth is that Rob missed his old life in the forest no less than his mother's gentleness, and his father's companionship.
One morning as Rob came in to breakfast, his uncle greeted him with, "I have news for you, Rob, my lad
The best fellows are to have places with the King's Foresters, and the one who shoots straightest of all will win for prize a olden arrow--a useless bauble enough, but just the thing for your lady love, eh, Rob my boy?
One fine morning, a few days after, Rob might have been seen passing by way of Lockesley through Sherwood Forest to Nottingham town.
One glance at the leader and Rob knew at once that he had found an enemy.
Rob flushed, for he was mightily proud of his shooting.
Rob turned upon his assailant, now twoscore yards away.
I had begun by asking questions, and I was going to rob Mrs.
I was afraid to sleep, even if I had been inclined, for I knew that at the first faint dawn of morning I must rob the pantry.