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ROSERATS (Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society) Open System Environment
ROSERepository of Scholarly Eprints
ROSERemote Operations Service Element
ROSERush on Seven Episodes (online game)
ROSERegistrar's Online Services (University of Texas at Austin)
ROSERest of South East (UK)
ROSERobotic Sensing (Robotic and Sensors Environments International Workshop)
ROSERural Oxidants in the Southern Environment (ecological survey program)
ROSEReturn on Stockholder's Equity
RoseRational Object Oriented Software Engineering
ROSERequest-Oriented Scheduling Engine
ROSEResearch on Ozone in the Stratosphere and its Evolution
ROSEReal-time Object-oriented Simulation Environment
ROSERead Out Support Equipment (cockpit voice recorder extracting)
ROSERemotely Operated Special Equipment
ROSERemote Optical Sensing of the Environment
ROSEResistivity of Solvent Extraction
ROSEReconnaissance Operations and Secret Enforcement
ROSERegister On Silicon Editor
ROSEReduced-Order-State Estimator
ROSEResonance OverShoot Eliminator (normalizes arterial catheter waveforms)
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When you plant a bare-root rose, you're investing in the future.
He continues to deny all sorts of evidence compiled in the famous Dowd Report which prompted Commissioner Bart Giammati to suspend Rose in the first place.
When Rose was only 5, she saw Itzhak Perlman play violin on Sesame Street and begged her parents for a violin of her own.
Rose is particularly good on the critics of the government's often incoherent and inherently implausible civil-defense policies, including physicists like Harold Urey, biological scientists Bentley Glass and Barry Commoner, the founders of Physicians for Social Responsibility, and that worthy and venerable publication The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
Rational Rose RealTime is a comprehensive visual development environment that enables developers to design applications at a high level, greatly reducing the need to write in C and C++.
Committed to telling stories for and about women, Rose wanted to make sure that the storyline of the Capshaw-Macpherson segment, about two ostensibly straight women who are drawn to each other, included "one of the more adult female lovemaking scenes and relationships that I had ever seen, because I had never seen one.
In part, real spending rose in the first quarter because the government shutdowns that occurred during the budget crisis depressed real spending less in the first quarter than in the fourth.
The Cabbage rose was believed to be an "ambassador of love," while a white rose denoted purity and spiritual love.
Jones encourages locals who are interested in growing roses to attend the SCV Rose Society's annual Rose Show on Oct.
Barring a full-force lending frenzy, however, Rose does not think that New York residential market will slow down in the near future.
Rational Rose RealTime is a comprehensive visual development environment that enables developers to design applications using the industry standard UML (Unified Modeling Language), greatly reducing the need to write C or C++ code.
The very first evening the ship is out of Southampton, young Jack is strolling alone on the aft deck when he comes upon a terrified and suicidal Rose (Kate Winslet) leaning outside the ship's railing.