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ROSERATS (Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society) Open System Environment
ROSERepository of Scholarly Eprints
ROSERemote Operations Service Element
ROSERush on Seven Episodes (online game)
ROSERegistrar's Online Services (University of Texas at Austin)
ROSERest of South East (UK)
ROSERobotic Sensing (Robotic and Sensors Environments International Workshop)
ROSERural Oxidants in the Southern Environment (ecological survey program)
ROSEReturn on Stockholder's Equity
RoseRational Object Oriented Software Engineering
ROSERequest-Oriented Scheduling Engine
ROSEResearch on Ozone in the Stratosphere and its Evolution
ROSEReal-time Object-oriented Simulation Environment
ROSERead Out Support Equipment (cockpit voice recorder extracting)
ROSERemotely Operated Special Equipment
ROSERemote Optical Sensing of the Environment
ROSEResistivity of Solvent Extraction
ROSEReconnaissance Operations and Secret Enforcement
ROSERegister On Silicon Editor
ROSEReduced-Order-State Estimator
ROSEResonance OverShoot Eliminator (normalizes arterial catheter waveforms)
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That sagacious Miss Mills, too; that amiable, though quite used up, recluse; that little patriarch of something less than twenty, who had done with the world, and mustn't on any account have the slumbering echoes in the caverns of Memory awakened; what a kind thing she did!
I was not at all remorseful for having unwittingly set those other branches of the Pocket family to the poor arts they practised: because such littlenesses were their natural bent, and would have been evoked by anybody else, if I had left them slumbering.
Arouse the tiger of Hyrcanian deserts, Strive with the half-starved lion for his prey; Lesser the risk, than rouse the slumbering fire Of wild Fanaticism.
The shot made a terrible din amid the silence of the slumbering house.
The slumbering multitude became animated, the tambourines sounded, songs and cries arose; the hour of the sacrifice had come.
After the death of this poor dog of mine, my last friend, I too adopted to some extent the practice of slumbering in the daytime in order to be on my guard at night.
Yet I was still such a blockhead that I missed the lesson of that fear, and in spite of Weena's distress I insisted upon sleeping away from these slumbering multitudes.
When from dark error's subjugation My words of passionate exhortation Had wrenched thy fainting spirit free; And writhing prone in thine affliction Thou didst recall with malediction The vice that had encompassed thee: And when thy slumbering conscience, fretting By recollection's torturing flame, Thou didst reveal the hideous setting Of thy life's current ere I came: When suddenly I saw thee sicken, And weeping, hide thine anguished face, Revolted, maddened, horror-stricken, At memories of foul disgrace.
Then his second task was done, and he flew gayly back to the green earth and slumbering Lily-Bell.
Pearson started, the elder Quaker stirred the slumbering embers of the fire till they sent up a clear and lofty blaze; it was a female voice that had spoken; it was a female form that shone out, cold and wintry, in that comfortable light.
For a ship with her sails furled on her squared yards, and reflected from truck to water-line in the smooth gleaming sheet of a landlocked harbour, seems, indeed, to a seaman's eye the most perfect picture of slumbering repose.
As the feverish sensation increased upon me I tossed about, still unwilling to disturb my slumbering companion, from whose side I removed two or three yards.