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ROSTERRemotely Observed Signatures in the Thermosphere of Explosive Releases
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Shifts could only be changed by swapping with other nurses after the roster is drawn up.
Olsen, who could make the roster if Arena desires insurance for oft-injured O'Brien and Claudio Reyna, scored in the 25th minute from Landon Donovan's U.
Also new to the Roster are two companies that relocated their corporate headquarters to Ohio -- Mercantile Stores (Fairfield) and Health-Mor (Cleveland).
Nurses currently make requests before the roster comes out, in consultation with the NUM.
Cuauhtemoc Blanco, no surprise, is moaning about being snubbed for Mexico's preliminary World Cup roster, also no surprise.
Smith" album, while maintaining his management position, Lighty sold off the Violator Records roster to Def Jam and embarked on a new chapter in his career at Loud, where he most recently served as Executive Vice President before joining Jive.
Lavolpe is the first World Cup coach to announce a roster - it must be whittled to 23 by the May 15 deadline - and it's product of an astounding agreement with the Mexican Primera Division's presidents, who are allowing their top players to leave for the national team camp although the Clausura season is far from over.
You don't make this roster unless you're a piece of the puzzle and you can contribute.
is currently acquiring top winter and other related extreme sports athletes to further add to its roster for its unique Pro Card program.
We welcome TBWA as the most recent addition to our roster of agencies and are looking forward to an exciting and productive future with them both domestically and in other regions," says Ken Rogers, vice president of marketing for Mars, Inc.
All that seemed to secure his place on this year's roster because the Dodgers paid the Red Devils an additional $200,000 last summer to secure permanent rights to Robles.