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ROTSRiddle of the Sphinx (gaming)
ROTSRevenge of the Sith (Star Wars)
ROTSRiders on the Storm (Doors song)
ROTSReality of the Situation
ROTSRuggedized Off-The-Shelf
ROTSRhythm of the Saints (Paul Simon song/album)
ROTSRotary Out Trunks Selectors
ROTSRemote Optical Testing System
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But Rots has some definite ideas about how to tackle it.
Some crops which were wet going into store have not dried out fully and the mild autumn generated ideal warm and wet conditions for the rots to develop.
About one-fourth of the produce grown in the United States rots in storage and losses worldwide average 50%.
Here the fruit rots on the tree and during this process pink pinhead sized spots appear as the fungus spreads.
The day Barbara's toilet fell through the bathroom floor, she developed a deeper appreciation for how rot can undermine a house.
Their report, published in the June 21 SCIENCE, describes the experimental growth of a white rot fungus in glucose solutions containing different organohalides --carbon-containing compounds with attached chlorine or bromine atoms.
Seed and soil treatments for control of bean root rots.
More than 20 of the most popular Vishay Siliconix FETs and analog ICs are available now in ROTS versions.
These lines are unique in combining genes for resistance to several pathogens, including common root rot (caused by Aphanomyces euteiches Drechs.
Another advantage of the yeast as a biocontrol for rots is that when applied, it multiplies by 100- fold in the first 48 hours.
Although sour rot is sometimes used as a catch-all term to refer to a complex of late-season bunch rots that develop in tight-cluster or thin-skin varieties caused by numerous fungi, the authors have defined it more narrowly as a condition involving decayed berries with brown (oxidized) skins often free of fungal contaminants and with pulp that smells of vinegar (acetic acid).