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References in classic literature ?
Close after it came a big rubber bear, walking erect on its hind feet.
Oh, I assure you, mother's very fond of a rubber,' said Mr.
With all his strength he drew back the heavy rubber bands and the stone whistled through the air.
To this time then, which was between seven and eight in the evening, we will convey our reader; when Lady Bellaston, Lord Fellamar, Miss Western, and Tom, being engaged at whist, and in the last game of their rubbers, Tom received his cue from Lady Bellaston, which was, "I protest, Tom, you are grown intolerable lately; you used to tell us all the news of the town, and now you know no more of the world than if you lived out of it.
Being too full of news to wait in the side entry to take off her rubber boots, she carefully lifted a braided rug into the sitting-room and stood on that while she opened her budget.
You are very kind," said Lady Middleton to Elinor; "and as you really like the work, perhaps you will be as well pleased not to cut in till another rubber, or will you take your chance now?
As the game proceeded the conversation ceased, excepting between the rubbers, when it revived again.
The rubber was over a few minutes later and the little party broke up.
The garden walks were damp, and Edna called to the maid to bring out her rubber sandals.
She sought for the wound in the india- rubber with growing bewilderment.
As he stood there, gazing into the middle distance, an individual of dishevelled aspect sidled up, a vagrant of almost the maximum seediness, from whose midriff there protruded a trayful of a strange welter of collar-studs, shoe-laces, rubber rings, buttonhooks, and dying roosters.
Pierre changed places several times during the game, sitting now with his back to Natasha and now facing her, but during the whole of the six rubbers he watched her and his friend.