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RYRoyal Bank of Canada (stock symbol)
RYRunway (also seen as RNWY and RWY)
RYRebel Yell
RYReal Year
RYRequired Yearly
RYRouyn, Quebec (Ontario Northland railway code)
RYUS Revenue Firearms Transfer (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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We had scarcely started up the runway when Woola suddenly displayed the wildest excitement.
In a flash, one of them leaped into the sunlight in the open space where runway and water met.
At another signal from Van Horn the rowers backed water and forced the boat, stern in, up to the solid ground of the runway.
One by one they disappeared into the runway tunnel, and when the last was ashore he ordered the boat back to the ship.
Strolling along the native runways in the fringe of jungle just beyond the beach, as was his custom, to see whatever he might pick up, the steward had picked up Kwaque.
Scouts out on the runways, Kwaque continued, brought word of the coming of the two bereaved pig-owners, and the village had fled into the jungle and climbed trees--all except Kwaque, who was unable to climb trees.
It was hopeless, and so I walked in silence beside my guard down through the dark corridors and runways toward my awful doom.
The stairways themselves were sufficient to cause remark, since in nearly all Barsoomian architecture inclined runways are utilized for purposes of communication between different levels, and especially is this true of the more ancient forms and of those of remote districts where fewer changes have come to alter the customs of antiquity.
A sturdy young orchard covered most of his ten acres, though a goodly portion was devoted to whitewashed henhouses and wired runways wherein hundreds of chickens were to be seen.
Smaller, private planes can take off and land on the new runway, or the main runway - as they have been doing for years - as long as airlines do not need the longer strip at that time.
Like totally styled flowers offering nectar to attract the insects that will fertilize them, each girl glided to the end of the runway like a fecund organ of glamour, back arched, one foot crossing over the other in that peculiar model walk, staring straight ahead with that withholding come-hither stare - tautening for a moment with a special glance, as if to secrete the professional pollen required by the situation.
Dulles International Airport: The fourth runway, Runway 1L-19R, is a north-south runway, approximately 9,400 feet long and 150 feet wide.