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RYRoyal Bank of Canada (stock symbol)
RYRunway (also seen as RNWY and RWY)
RYRebel Yell
RYReal Year
RYRequired Yearly
RYRouyn, Quebec (Ontario Northland railway code)
RYUS Revenue Firearms Transfer (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
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The two companions of the man who lay now beside the door of the cell that had been Tars Tarkas' had just started to ascend the runway as the Thark came in view.
We could hear the sounds of conversation coming from the room above, but the hall still was unlighted, nor was any one in sight as we gained the top of the runway.
Tan Gama left his short-sword in the Thark's cell," explained the first speaker, "and left us at the runway, to return and get it.
Tis even what I myself thought when Tan Gama left us at the runway," said another.
Strolling along the native runways in the fringe of jungle just beyond the beach, as was his custom, to see whatever he might pick up, the steward had picked up Kwaque.
Scouts out on the runways, Kwaque continued, brought word of the coming of the two bereaved pig-owners, and the village had fled into the jungle and climbed trees--all except Kwaque, who was unable to climb trees.
In a flash, one of them leaped into the sunlight in the open space where runway and water met.
At another signal from Van Horn the rowers backed water and forced the boat, stern in, up to the solid ground of the runway.
One by one they disappeared into the runway tunnel, and when the last was ashore he ordered the boat back to the ship.
We had scarcely started up the runway when Woola suddenly displayed the wildest excitement.
As Turan stepped cautiously within, the third warrior descended the spiral runway behind him.
Whether it needs a third runway has been the subject of debates for many years.