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SAIDSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug
SAIDSecurity Association Identifier (Cisco)
SAIDSexual Allegations in Divorce
SAIDService Agreement ID
SAIDSally Anne Is Dancing (spelling mnemonic)
SAIDSafety Analysis Input Data
SAIDScattering Analysis Interactive Dialin
SAIDSAFE (Selected Area For Evasion) Area Intelligence Description (combat search and rescue)
SAIDStrategic Architecture and Infrastructure Development
SAIDSealed Array of Identical Disks (Atrato)
SAIDSpecific Adaptation to Imposed Demand
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Jim said it made him all over trembly and feverish to be so close to freedom.
He only said, "Um," in a kind of a disappointed way, and didn't take no more intrust.
Then you needn't tell me who you bought it of," said the farrier, looking round with some triumph; "I know who it is has got the red Durhams o' this country-side.
Boys,' said I, 'here's Flint's treasure; let's land and find it.
I know well enough, husband," said Teresa, "that squires-errant don't eat their bread for nothing, and so I will be always praying to our Lord to deliver you speedily from all that hard fortune.
And I said to myself, Go I must to all who appear to know, and find out the meaning of the oracle.
Let me infarm you, Mounseer Maiter-di-dauns," said I, as purlite as iver ye seed, "that it's not the gintaal thing at all at all, and not for the likes o' you inny how, to be afther the oggling and a goggling at her leddyship in that fashion," and jist wid that such another squaze as it was I giv'd her flipper, all as much as to say, "isn't it Sir Pathrick now, my jewel, that'll be able to the proticting o' you, my darlint?
That night, after we had went to bed, I said to Gentleman, "Gentleman," I says, "what's going to be done about this?
But I'm thinking I would have called to mind that she was a poor woman, and ailing, and terrible windy about her cloak, and I would just have said it was a beauty and that I wished I had one like it.
When he said, "Ah, what deh hell," his voice was burdened with disdain for the inevitable and contempt for anything that fate might compel him to endure.
One man is killing the other man," I said, aware of a distinct bepuzzlement of my own and of failure to explain.
I was so harrowed up in my mind last night that I didn't think about my clothes at all," said Anne.