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SALESingapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise
SALESingle Army Logistics Enterprise
SALESubglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration
SALESkye and Lochalsh Enterprise (UK; marketing group)
SALESoftware Architecture for Language Engineering
SALESpecial Ammunition Logistical Element
SALESacrificial Aluminum Etching
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For taxable interstate transactions, the concept of destination-based sourcing has not caused significant controversy; most states and businesses recognize the practicality of sourcing sales and collecting tax based on the situs of the purchaser or where the purchased items ultimately will be used.
The fourth quarter median sale price of $158,500 and mean sale price of $185,455 both were about 6 percent above comparable 1995 averages.
1) substantial amounts of gross receipts from the occasional sale of a fixed asset used in the regular course of the taxpayer's trade or business;
The ruling noted that, because the sale of prewritten software delivered electronically to customers is not a sale of tangible personal property, it is generally not subject to sales and use taxation.
The average sale price in Carnegie Hill declined from $2.
The difference between the transactional and the functional tests is particularly important in connection with the sale of a business because often the sale of the business will not be a regular incident of the taxpayer's operations.
com) Sales rep: Tom Shearing, Warsaw, NY 585/786-0611 List rental: Dawn Speckmann, 630/462-2330
Christensen, David, VP Sales, S & S Worldwide, CT
What makes this split particularly frustrating is that the flat tax and sales tax are virtually identical.
ES Research Group (ESR), one of the nation's leading advisory firms on sales effectiveness and sales performance assessment, today announced the release of its 2007 Guide to Measuring Sales Performance.
Number of employees: 10 Publisher/Ad Sales Dir: Simon M.