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SBTBSaved By The Bell
SBTBSpeculative Branch Target Buffer
SBTBScottish Borders Tourist Board (Scotland, UK)
SBTBSimsbury Bank and Trust Company (Simsbury, CT)
SBTBShort Basic Battery Test
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Sometimes this additional time is enough to recover, and thus the boxer is saved by the bell.
Bookmakers were saved by the bell when 40-1 outsider Shamayoun prevented a first-day betting bloodbath at Cheltenham.
Among network shows, Jordan notes a trend toward "less creativity in children's programming than there has been in the years past [so that] Hang Time looks like Saved by the Bell which looks like City Guys, while Pepper Ann looks like Recess.
Actually, Saved by the Bell on crystal meth is more like it.
Roberto Gonzales, dubbed as the Bad Boy from Batangas, and Arjan Spartan Canillas of the world-class ALA Boxing Stable headline the ''Laban Pinoy fight card promoted by Saved by the Bell.
The Saved By The Bell actor, 45, revealed one of the turning points came at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' 2006 wedding.
SAVED By The Bell star Dustin Diamond was jailed for four months yesterday for stabbing a man in a bar on Christmas Day.
Diamond is back this Labor Day weekend mining familiar territory: Lifetime TV is airing "The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story'' tonight, which Diamond executive produced.
Others who entered the house include Richard Breen, best known as Abz Love from '90s boyband 5ive; Geordie Shore personality Charlotte Crosby and Dustin Diamond, who played Screech in television show Saved By the Bell.
The gang from Saved by the Bell championed the bold print, loved a crop top, and the jock-style lettered jackets and t-shirts that can be regularly spotted around the city.
Skromach was saved by the bell at the end of the third and again in the final round.
ANSWERS: 1 Gloucestershire; 2 A 6ft invisible white rabbit; 3 She was the last British battleship to be built; 4 Amsterdam; 5 Buffalo; 6 It is not edible until it starts to decay; 7 Music; 8 Kansas; 9 George III; 10 Saved By The Bell.