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SCABSSociety of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences (Macquarie University; Australia)
SCABSSalt Comes After Barnacle Shavings (SpongeBob SquarePants)
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Bones were visible across his skin, and he had nasty sores and scabs on his coat.
That these six scabs are publicly opposing Palea's strike while remaining deafeningly silent on PAL's layoffs shows where they stand in this battle between the union and management over contractualization.
Scabs were soaked overnight in sterile water for sufficient moistening so that under surface of scab was used to make effective impression smears by firmly pressing this surface on to microscope slide.
They describe how research on the surface structure of natural scabs served as inspiration for developing a "cytophilic" wound dressing material.
It is very common to see cats and dogs with scabs all over their back and rump and this is almost always down to an allergy to flea saliva.
In the recent article Kinder, Gentler Methods for Scab Removal in Buttonhole Access in the September/October 2011 issue of the Nephrology Nursing Journal I have a concern with the use of porous materials the authors are suggesting for scab removal, their instructions for care and storage, and the potential for infection of the buttonhole sites.
Steele said it was still too early to quantify the scale of the scab threat this year but warned that in dry years the result could be "horrendous".
Scabs are such a classic childhood ailment that it's a surprise to see an adult covered in what Wikipedia elegantly defines as "hard coatings on the skin formed during the wound-healing reconstruction phase".
What is striking, in retrospect, is not that a handful of scabs remained on the waterfront in the 1920s, but that the decisive defeat of the WWF in Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney in 1917 was so rapidly overcome.
A strike-breaker who wanted to remain anonymous said a lot of men had been unfairly labelled scabs.