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SCALEStudent Coalition for Action in Literacy Education
SCALEStandardized Computer Analyses for Licensing Evaluation
SCALESecondary Collegiate Articulated Learning Experience
SCALESouth Carolina Association of Law Enforcement Explorers
SCALEShuttle Coherent Atmospheric LIDAR Experiment (NASA)
SCALEShort-term Commitment and Long-term Estimate
SCALESystem Characteristics and Assurance Level Evaluation (IEEE)
SCALESustainable Community based Approaches for Livelihoods Enhancement (India)
SCALESpecialization in Culture and Language Education
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The interfolding of strategy with detail--where one scale of reading enriches the other--offers an architecture that is distinct and clear in its qualities.
As a result, scale indeterminacy poses a serious problem for value-added assessment, The burden of proof is on its practitioners to show that ratings assigned to educators do not vary when alternative (but in all essential respects, equivalent) scales are used, That burden of proof has not been met.
New and emerging players, which represent the bulk of annuity carriers in today's market, are looking to increase their sales rapidly to achieve scale and, ultimately, top-tier status.
The revised scales applicable to civil employees of the Federal Government and those paid out of civil estimates and the defence estimates would be effective from first of this month.
All existing employees have joined System Scale, and Central Scales owner John Sanders is now in a senior management role with System Scale.
Then there are the bakers who want a scale that re-zeroes automatically for additional ingredients, and ease of reading matters.
Another discrepancy we discovered was on the scale of Student Interaction and Collaboration.
Piano Essentials: Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Cadences for the Contemporary Pianist is a soft cover, 100-page book with accompanying CD, designed to meet Berklee's Level 1 and Level 2 piano technique requirements.
In Africa this risk assessment has been applied on a large scale and used to develop maps of malaria risk and distribution (32,33).
A recent innovation in the visual output for image-guided surgery is the use of a color scale to represent the CT image (figure 1).
Given the basic material involved at the primary level and the intent of building a sound foundation for later academic development, a ``90-80-70'' scale is justified.
His name, if not his work, is familiar to many people with MS today through their experience with the Expanded Disability Status Scale -- he EDSS or commonly, the Kurtzke scale.