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SCAMPIStandard CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Assessment Method for Process Improvement
SCAMPIStandard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement
SCAMPIStaff College Automated Military Periodicals Index (Joint Forces Staff College)
SCAMPIScaleable Monitoring Platform for the Internet
SCAMPIScalable Measurement Platform for the Internet
ScaMPIScali's Message Passing Interface (Scali, Inc.)
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Shrimp Scampi is now handcrafted in-house using Red Lobster's classic scampi sauce that's buttery and freshly prepared with white wine and garlic.
This will strengthen the position of Kilkeel Seafoods within the wider business and is made because of the quality of products processed at the port from scampi sourced from local and Irish trawlers.
You have accidentally got lemon juice on my scampi, no doubt ruining it.
One minor suggestion would be to pump up the garlic in the scampi sauce.
Coat four remaining scampi with breadcrumb mixture.
Someone once told me that without focusing on the PI--process improvement--part of SCAMPI all you get is a SCAM.
Dawnfresh will send scampi to be part-processed in the Far East after axing processing jobs in Lanarkshire.
95) packs in menu plans, advise on how and what to eat to lose weight without giving up fats or carbs totally, and comes packed with recipes such as Beef and Bean Chili and Lobster Scampi with Tomatoes and Spinach which come loaded with nutrition and include prep times, serving nutrition info, and 'good news' tips for quick preparation.
Tampa Maid produces Kroger brand breaded shrimp, shrimp scampi and calamari.
Officers struggled for half an hour to free Scampi the Yorkshire terrier after the three-year-old dog had buried himself on the Lickey Hills.
Not to be confused with the crustaceans you meet in a tasty plate of scampi, this shrimp is an inedible, half-inch-long, tadpole-like creature.