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SCARESouth Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines (Lexington, SC)
SCARESocial Care Access to Research Evidence (UK)
SCARESide-Channel Analysis for Reverse Engineering
SCARESickle Cell Advocates for Research and Empowerment, Inc. (Bronx, NY)
SCAREStar City Area Rocketry Enthusiasts (Virginia)
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For the land's sake, Miss Pollyanna, what a scare you did give me," panted Nancy, hurrying up to the big rock, down which Pollyanna had just regretfully slid.
In the video that "The Ellen Show" shared on YouTube, Ellen DeGeneres explained that it is fun and easy to scare Andy Lassner that is why she asked him to go through the Universal Studios' Dracula Untold horror maze.
But for some, what scared them last year may not be what scares them this year.
There was a scare last week when James took a break from the boat on Wednesday after his heart rate was found to be a little high.
Today scare tactics are designed to make you feel inadequate, un-safe or just plain stupid if you don't buy the product or service being hawked.
Writers who will be doing their best to scare parents and families include Curtis Jobling, the creator of Bob the Builder, and Joseph Delaney, who won the Sefton Super Reads with his book Spook's Apprentice, soon to be adapted into a film.
Most people who say they enjoy a good scare don't realize that it isn't the fear they enjoy.
Now, if that scare occurs in a place and in a fashion that is foreign to the buck, he will not be so forgiving.
Scared to Death: from BSE to global warming: how scares are costing us the Earth
The data also shows that pork cutout has recovered a bit lately from the worst of the H1N1 scare.
Scared to death; from BSE to global warming--how scares are costing us the earth.
So it was with BSE, which has cost the UK economy about 7bn [pounds sterling]--making it the most expensive food scare ever seen.