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SCTStem Cell Transplantation
SCTSecretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (México)
SCTScattered (some clouds)
SCTSecrétariat du Conseil du Trésor (Treasury Board Secretariat - Canada)
SCTSupreme Court
SCTSecrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du Canada (Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat)
SCTSEPA (Single European Payment Area) Credit Transfer
SCTSemiconductor Tracker
SctSuperior Court
SCTSchmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
SCTSeattle Children's Theatre
SCTScitex Continuous Tone
SCTSocial Cognitive Theory
SCTSacrococcygeal Teratoma
SCTSociety for Clinical Trials
SCTSystems & Computer Technology
SCTSupreme Commission for Tourism (Saudi Arabia)
SCTSpecial Consumption Tax (Turkey)
SCTSentence Completion Test
SCTSupreme Court Reporter
SCTSmart Card Technology
SCTScrolling Combat Text (World of Warcraft gaming)
SCTStandard Course Time
SCTSecretaria de Ciência E Tecnologia (Portuguese: Department of Science and Technology; Brazil)
SCTSouthern California TRACON
SCTStatic Contraction Training (fitness)
SCTSonoma County Transit (Santa Rosa, CA)
SCTSupervisory Control Theory
SCTSyndrome du Choc Toxique (French: Toxic Shock Syndrome)
SCTSocial Contract Theory
SCTShipping Corporation of India
SCTSoft Contact Lens
SCTSanta Clarita Transit (Santa Clarita, CA)
SCTSpectrum Control Technology
SCTSaturated Condensing Temperature (private torrent tracker)
SCTStructural Collapse Technician (emergency rescue)
SCTSertoli Cell Tumor
SCTSociété Canadienne de Thoracologie (Canada)
SCTSingle Channel Transponder
SCTSingle-Chain Trimer
SCTSubroutine Call Table
SCTSioux City Terminal Railway
SCTSpondylocarpotarsal Syndrome
SCTSuper Capacity Tactical (firearm; Sig Sauer)
SCTSoftware Compatibility Test
SCTStrathclyde Compression Transform
SCTSt. Claire Thugs (band)
SCTSpace Camp Turkey (Izmir, Turkey)
SCTSpecial Committee on Trade
SCTSectional Control Technology (Seed Hawk)
SCTSonoma County Taiko (Santa Rosa, CA)
SCTSenior Computer Team
SCTSatellite Communications Terminal
SCTSwiss Classic Tours (Switzerland)
SCTShip Custody Transfer
SCTSchool of Communication and Theater (also seen as SCAT; Temple University; Philadelphia, PA)
SCTSocial Care Training (Warrington, UK)
SCTSuperframe Composition Table
SCTStrategic Component Team
SCTSecure Cellular Terminal
SCTSegment Creation Time
SCTSubset Cut Technique
SCTSelf Contained Tensioner
SCTSystem Certification Test
SCTSpecifications and Contracts Team
SCTSpacecraft Control Team
SCTStrategic Communications Terminal
SCTSpace Control Technician
SCTSystems Control Technology, Incorporated
SCTSynchronized Clock and Tone
SCTSoftware Certification Test
SCTService Center Transition
SCTSubcutaneous Cellular Tissue (biology)
SCTSTATS ChipPAC Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation
SCTSmoking Cessation Treatment
SCTStem Cell Therapy
SCTShopping Centers Today (magazine)
SCTSoc.Culture.Thai (newsgroup)
SCTSouth China Tiger (tiger subspecies)
SCTSystem Component Test
SCTSEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Credit Transfer (EU)
SCTSchwarz-Christoffel Transformation (mathematics)
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This expression only applies when the momentum transfer is very much less than the scattered electron wavevector, which unfortunately does not apply at low energies above threshold.
As a first step in evaluating and characterizing the effects of anomalies in the various structures, numerical simulations of light scattered from these features are performed using powerful 3-D computer modeling.
We performed measurements of the light scattered by these particles and found very good agreement with theoretical calculations.
Measurements of the scattered light intensity reveal a pattern of bright and dark bands, or fringes, corresponding to where light waves have either reinforced or canceled each other.
Metro Manila and most parts of Luzon will have cloudy skies and scattered rain due to the tail end of a cold front, the state weather bureau said Wednesday.
ISLAMABAD -- A new rain spell would cause more scattered rains in the upper parts of the country from Friday to Monday.
Tenders are invited for Scattered Site Supportive Housing for A w/SMI New York City/Brooklyn
This decrease is probably due to the increase of multiple scattering that enhances the redistribution of the scattered field in the back hemisphere.
In the next step an infrared heater melts the scattered grit, which is therewith connected to the base material web.
Scattered light usually reduces the resolution of conventional optical microscopes.
ISLAMABAD -- Rain with snow over hills is expected at scattered places in Rawalpindi division and Federal Capital during next 24 hours.
Michelle, died in October, and her grieving daughter Jasmine Bird, who lives in Trefechan, told the Cambrian News that losing her uncle on the day her mother's ashes were being scattered was a "massive shock".