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SCRATCHSouthampton City and Region Action to Combat Hardship (UK)
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I say, brother, how is my mother to be got to scratch me?
An old scratch would be the same colour as the surface.
In her hurry to withdraw the key, she makes this scratch upon the door.
She threatened to scratch my eyes out if I touched her.
Once, at a sharp turn where a man's shoulder would unavoidably brush against a screen of leaves, the bushman displayed great caution as he spread the leaves aside and exposed the head of a sharp-pointed spear, so set that the casual passer-by would receive at the least a nasty scratch.
And we could scratch between our shoulders with ease.
Several times, in making the circuit of the deck, he managed to scratch the flying calves with his teeth.
The sovereign was so pleased with the wit of the reply that he gave her permission to scratch his Prime Minister's eyes out.
That Old Scratch was Nelson's father was noteworthy enough.
But I had the satisfaction of seeing Old Scratch as drunk as I.
And growing angrier each moment, they went from words to blows, and finally began to scratch and bite and slap each other.
I could simply scratch that woman's eyes out, and to say it's my fault is most unfair.