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SCUPSociety for College and University Planning
SCUPSystem Center Updates Publisher (Microsoft Corp.)
SCUPSpecialty Chemicals Update Program (Menlo Park, CA)
SCUPSenate Committee on University Planning (Canada)
SCUPSmall Credit Union Program
SCUPSquamous Cell Carcinoma with Unknown Primary
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He is active in the SCUP North Central Region and has chaired SCUP one-day symposiums in Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri in the last three years.
3) indicated that scup comprised 65% of the total catch in scup-targeted tows, but that the discards-to-landings ratio for scup in these tows was 1.
The potential effect of the assumed error structure on the calculation of standardized indices of abundance was further explored with empirical examples using the 1981-98 MRFSS time series of catch-per-trip rates (zero catches included) for bluefish, summer flounder, Atlantic cod, scup, and for all species.
SCUP has historically had difficulty maintaining the balance of focus on these four areas, and Keller's attempt to ensure balanced coverage of all four was a significant contribution.
I am honored to be selected to serve as the president of SCUP," said Moss.
Filleted and sauteed medium rare in butter, the scup proved equal in flavor to our sea bass, which easily matched the quality of their expensive Chilean cousins.
SCUP leadership has been supportive of these efforts because they are making thousands aware of the need for "smart planning.
This interview is one of many done as part of the SCUP 50th anniversary celebration and for the purpose of recording stories about SCUP history.
The results were released during the 2008 SCUP conference.
Laura Saunders, SCUP President 2000-2001 and retired planner, is conducting the interview with Ira Fink, President, Ira Fink Associates.
Verb and Node are on display in Booth # 604 in the SCUP Exhibit Hall at the Hyatt Regency Chicago July 9-10, and in the Steelcase Education Solutions Showroom on the 3[sup.
Andy Crawford was the toast of Fermanagh and Championship 1 after his sensational hat-trick sCUP RUN BEGINSAndy Crawford wheels away in delight after bagging his first last night fired them to a meeting with Crusaders and left the Mallards as the only side outside of the top flight still in the competition.