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SCUTESouth Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts
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The absence of three discontinuous keels on the carapace, well-developed growth rings, and a well-developed posterior notch in the cervical scute confirms that the taxon from Boutersem does not belong to that form.
A single glyptodont vertebra (USNM 540669) and other uncatalogued scute fragments from El Hatillo also likely belong to G.
Scute Hg for this species greatly exceeded Hg in all other tissues, including liver.
2] of flaking or chipping of at least one scute while an unaffected tortoise had no flaking or chipping (Figure 2).
For example, for an infection with heat, redness and pain, one can use antibiotic, Cold herbs such as Go[den Seal (Hydrastis canadensis), Scute (Scutellaria baicalensis), of other Cold "heat-clearing" herbs.
The boatswain came into our scute and told us in what case he was and that he could not long continue alive; whereupon Willem Barents spoke: "I guess with me too it will not last long.
Once the animals are hog-tied, Rice and Percival draw blood and take a small protruding ridge, or scute, from the tail for later analysis.
5 (n = 40) Mean Scute Length of Stay by Disposition (Number of Discharges) Home Home Care Expired Other Hospital A July/December 1995 6.
Measurements (in millimetres) included culmen length from bill tip to posterior edge of nares, length of tarsometatarsus (tarsus) from joint with tibiotarsus to first undivided scute on bent foot, and flattened wing length.
However, the contact of the fifth vertebral scute with the last pair of marginals is markedly concave, due to the medial wedging of this pair of marginals (Fig.
From each scute we took the following linear measurements: anteroposterior total diameter, anteroposterior diameter of the central figure, total transverse diameter, and thickness.