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SEARSelf-Esteem and Relationship Questionnaire (sexual dysfunction)
SEARSistema Educativo Autonómico Regional (Spanish: Regional Autonomous Education System; Nicaragua)
SEARSoutheast Asian Region
SEARSpecial Event Assessment Rating
SEARSafe, Effective & Affordable Review
SEARSafety Evaluation Audit Report
SEARSystem Engineering Analysis Report
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Sellers work with Sears to provide SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Members and customers with endless aisles of popular products like electronics, lawn and garden equipment, home goods, toys and games, outdoor living items, fitness equipment, jewelry and tools.
Sears' new office will house apparel designers, technical designers, CAD and graphics artists, who will work on designs for clothes, accessories, shoes and intimate apparel for both Sears and Kmart.
Sears Canada and Lands' End, the cataloger Sears acquired in 2002, come to mind.
These issues define a group of texts that Sears explicitly acknowledges are not normally considered together: Chretien de Troyes' Lancelot, Diego de San Pedro's Carcel de Amor, Diego de Rojas' Celistina, and Madame de Lafayette's La Princesse de Cleves; in addition, she makes passing reference to Richardson, Laclos, and Fanny Hill.
Sears has paid more than $100 million to settle charges it used illegal tactics to collect debt from bankrupt customers, sold old batteries as new and illegally employed minors in tasks for which they are not suited.
Along with amenities like a post office, health club, private dinning club, ample parking, numerous stores, service centers and restaurants, all within the building, Sears Tower was clearly the right choice for our client.
Sears customers who purchase their products on a Sears Financial[sup.
Sears now offers broadloom carpet and rugs in most of its department stores and sells hard flooring in select markets.
But Sears didn't maintain blueprints or early company records to trace where the houses landed.
Outrider capitalized on SimpleFeed's templated RSS Feeds to create Feeds that look like the Sears web site and email programs, preserving Sears' investment in their brand and making the Feeds more familiar to the customer.
Instructed by customer input, Sears also is placing innovative technology within reach of more and more customers who use sears.
Sears employs 14,000 technicians; most participate in more than one type of training course each year, bringing the grand participation total to 32,539.