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P2Pollution Prevention
P2Primary 2 (various organizations)
P2Phase II
P2Pentium II (Intel)
P2Player 2 (video games)
P2Priority 2
P2Sony Playstation 2
P2Second Position
P2Propaganda Due (Italian)
P2Postal 2 (game)
P2Professional Plug-In (Panasonic)
P2Power Projection
P2Pioneer 2 (Phantasy Star game)
P2Predict and Prevent (Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Tenet Lane)
P2Pulmonic Second Heart Sound
P2Progressive Professionalism (US Air Force)
P2PMBP Automated Information System (Army Corps of Engineers)
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In 60 kg, Saif Ali, University of Central Punjab and Amir Khan of Sindh University got first and second position respectively.
In Senior Professionals Category, Muhammad Akram won the title with gross score of 140 (04 under par), while Imdad Hussain secured second position with gross score of 147 (03 over par).
In Commerce Group, Rohi Ameer, student of Leaders College Hunza stood first position with 592 marks, Shomila of Primer College Hunza with 580 marks bagged second position and Noorul Aain, students of Leaders College Huna with 576 marks clinched third position.
Javed represented Team Greeshm which ended up in the second position with a total tally of 424 points.
Jamshidian managed to climb to the second position in the global ranking published by UCI, the world governing body for sports cycling, after his stunning performance in 2017 UCI Junior Track Cycling World Championships.
Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has lost its second position in India to Germany-based BMW AG (Xetra: BMW).
In the female event University of Swabi won first position in Tug of War, followed by GGDC Karnal Sher Khan, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball and Athletic won by Manari, Karnal Sher Khan, Manari, Manari and Karnal Sher Khan respectively while Manari got second position in Badminton, Table Tennis, and Athletic, Karnal Sher Khan won second position in Tug of War, and Cricket and Marghuz got second position in Volleyball.
6 per cent and secured second position and third position was bagged by Mathangi Narayan securing 95.
In the teenage category, Mohammed Raed Rashid won first place for his creative skills whilst Maryam Sayed took the second position.
Kontides earned a silver medal in August 2012 at the London Olympics and took the second position in October 2013 at the ISAF World Cup in China.
The Head of Bahrain's delegation was commended and congratulated on Bahraini children's outstanding performance and winning second position in the contest in which highly expert countries like Belorussia, Georgia, Sweden, Egypt and Indian amongst other countries participated.
Maha Anees got the second position and Momina secured first position.