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SDIOStrategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDIOSecure Digital Input/Output
SDIOSecurities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance
SDIOStrategic Defense Initiative Office
SDIOSerial Data Input/Output
SDIOSpace Defense Initiative Office
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For some time back Mawson & Williams, the famous financial house, have been the guardians of securities which amount in the aggregate to a sum of considerably over a million sterling.
From Brazil the United States, in return for her surplus, gets bonds and securities.
A considerable capital of knee and elbow and wrist and ankle, had Sloppy, and he didn't know how to dispose of it to the best advantage, but was always investing it in wrong securities, and so getting himself into embarrassed circumstances.
Gore had ascertained, on secret, but sure authority, that Furley had been lately much straitened for money, and had parted with his securities,--among the rest, the mortgage on Mr.
This morning I changed for my own purposes several five-per-cent securities for the sum of approximately three thousand roubles.
The auditor may need special skill or knowledge to plan and perform auditing procedures for certain assertions about derivatives and securities.
As banks have been expanding the level of securities services they make available to their customers, attention is being focused again on the express exemptions the Congress has provided for banks from the framework in the securities laws that govern nonbank securities firms.
This report briefly introduces the development status of Chinas securities industry and Chinas securities market segment.
This issue, Exchange of InterestOnly and Pyincipal-Only Securities for a Mortgage-Backed Security, concerns exchange transactions involving mortgage-backed securities.
Chapter One gives readers a big picture of China's stock, fixed-income and investment fund market where securities companies derive their brokerage revenues.
The environment in which online trading operates is extremely volatile, making it one of the most demanding applications for security appliance, according to Peter Chow, CEO of Chief Securities Ltd.
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