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SEERSeasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
SEERSurveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (US National Cancer Institute)
SEERSystem Evaluation and Estimation of Resources
SEERSouth-East Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs (European Trade Union Institute; Brussels, Belgium)
SEERSection of Environment, Energy and Resources (American Bar Association)
SEERScottish Executive Emergency Room
SEERStrategic Energy and Economic Research, Inc.
SEERSherlock Expense Evaluation Report
SEERSolar Energy Expo and Rally
SEERSystems Engineering and Evaluation Room
SEERSupport Engineering Evaluation Room
SEERState Employee E-Mail Reference (Louisana)
SEERSummary Enforcement Event Report
SEERSurvival, Evasion, Escape, Resistance Training (USN, USMC)
SEERSubmarine Explosive Echo Ranging
SEERSystem Evaluations and Estimation of Resources
SEERSystems Engineering Evaluation and Research
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But happening to find near Clarus a seer greater than himself, Mopsus, the son of Manto, Teiresias' daughter, he died of vexation.
And now there is no seer among mortal men such as would know the mind of Zeus who holds the aegis.
But that a mortal seer knows more than I know--where
It was a time of visions and miracles, while seers and prophetesses were legion.
If thou be changed into this shape by the will of God," say the seers to the enchanted, in the wise Arabian stories, "then remain so
This result follows another recent success for the technology with the selection of the SG200-D radar warning receiver, a UK-specific variant from the SEER family of products, to provide an ongoing radar warning capability for the RAFs fleet of Puma and Chinook helicopters.
Waghela will have to form a new division bench to hear the petition of the seer, who has prayed for the stay of criminal proceedings against him.
Recognizing the large energy saving potential of energy-efficient capacity modulation, the DOE energy test procedure (1) for residential central air conditioners includes a variable speed test and SEER calculation procedure.
SEER President Bill Lazarus said, "This new tool provides Y leaders with unprecedented capabilities to understand their members and communities and to communicate those findings to community partners.
Two of the four awards were in the bronze category; the first was Performance Excellence for Suggestions Per 100 Employees Award, and the second was SEER Performance Excellence for Employee Participation Award.
SEER AL-DINNIEH, Lebanon: At the Seer Palace Hotel in the northern Dinnieh district, black-and-white pictures opened a window into a long-passed era of grandeur.
Seer Green spent its first five years of business being regulated within a wider financial services network, but now, with the FCA endorsement, it is looking to recruit for at least 10 more financial advisers to join them over the next six to 12 months.