segsSegmented Neutrophils (polymorphonuclear leukocytes)
segsSolar Electric Generating System
segsSovereign Entities Grading Service, Inc. (third party coin grading)
segsScience & Engineering Graduate Student Scheme (UK)
segsSonar/Environmental Group Simulator
segsSecure Environmental Graphics System
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These 174 samples were representative of 38 different SEGs for musicians ranging from general characterization such as "band" to more specific characterization of a specific musical genera of "rock," "marching," and "concert" bands.
The RSD subgroup discovery approach combined with gene set enrichment analysis inspired the development of the SEGS algorithm (Searching for Enriched Gene Sets) [17], a specialized algorithm for semantic subgroup discovery for microarray data analysis.
En 25 segmentos se destacaron: el tiempo considerable de dedicacion que exige el trabajo dentro del entorno (13 segs.
After examining the sub-sample of single-bond occupational credit unions and those multi-bond credit unions primarily made up of occupational group members, the authors find that the presence of SEGs relates negatively to capital ratios and positively to loan-to-share ratios.
Lockheed represents more than 600 SEGs ranging from Saturn car dealers to Blue Cross of California employees, and as such is just the sort of credit union the Supreme Court decision targets.
which is implemented by three passes: (1) computing all contiguous segments of a sequence by segs, (2) summing up each contiguous segment by sum, and (3) selecting the largest value by max.
Figure 2 is an aerial photograph of the SEGS plants (III through VII) in Kramer Junction, Calif.
Telephonics and SEG, along with our parent company Griffon, appreciate the opportunity to meet with Governor Hogan and his delegation at the Paris Air Show to discuss SEGs continued growth and increased collaborative efforts in the greater Maryland community, said Kevin McSweeney, president of Telephonics.
If you click onto the Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union website and check the list of eligible organizations, you'll find yourself scrolling through more than 1,200 SEGs.
On debut album Raise The Alarm (produced by a stellar tag-team of Dan Kahuna, Steve Dubb, Segs and Robert Harder, released by City Rockers), indie-rock is relocated to the heart of the dancefloor, without compromise on either side.