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SMCLNSemicolon (also seen as SCLN)
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The semicolon can also be used as a way of grouping a concept that already uses a comma.
The concept "paragraph-length" sentence plainly refers to a sentence of the length or size of a paragraph, in which the most salient feature of punctuation is the semicolon.
Now notice what happens if you replace that semicolon and conjunctive phrasing at the end of "a" in the Business Auto form with a simple period.
Where Tennyson had the choice between a comma and semicolon, or semicolon or colon or full stop, his choice would have been in part determined by the relative weights of duration associated with each mark, and with their effect in the particular poem, at that particular moment.
Project Semicolon was launched as a mental health awareness campaign that invites people to ink (either through tattoos or temporary drawings) semicolons on their skins.
a dash, a semicolon, and a colon walk into a bar; whatAEs up with the apostrophe?
We learn that Charles Dickens punctuated by ear, that the semicolon is an "upper-crust" punctuation mark best avoided and that the apostrophe will most definitely need our prayers if it is to survive.
join independent clauses with a semicolon and, if desired, a conjunctive adverb; and
And our ears tell us that some pause -- comma, period, or semicolon -- is called for at that spot.
you have like a piece of writing and add a semicolon and the bit after that is like more of an explanation, like not really an explanation but it adds a bit more to the writing.
WIDE OF THE MARK Is a capital letter An envelope full of cash I think perhaps a hyphen Is a sprint or a dash Is a semicolon Half a back passage Another football metaphor A nether region jazz age Is it hell at Number 10?
In the second full paragraph, the clause following the semicolon should read, "the HCV NAT result from a specimen received by the hospital laboratory on September 21 and reported September 26 was positive.