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SENSpecial Educational Needs (UK education system)
SENSensitivity (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
SENSenegal (ISO Country code)
SENSociedad Española de Neurología (Spanish Society of Neurology)
SENSoftware Engineering Notes
SENState Enrolled Nurse
SENSports Entertainment Network
SENSmall Extension Node
SENSatellite Education Network
SENSecretary of Energy Notice
SENSociété des Eaux du Nord (French: Northern Waters Company; est. 1912)
SENsubependymal nodule
SENStaredit Network (gaming)
SENstandard enteral nutrition
SENScalp-Ear-Nipple Syndrome
SENSystem Evaluation Network
SENSystem Engineering Note
SENSave Energy Now (various locations)
SENSouthern Energy Network (climate change advocacy; various locations)
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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome hits close to home for AllerAir president, Sam Teitelbaum.
Statistical analyses of questionnaire responses showed that anxiety sensitivity, after controlling for worry and generalized anxiety symptoms in above-average worriers, significantly predicted depression symptoms.
beta]-Cell sensitivity was defined as the ability of the [beta] cells to produce insulin in response to glucose, whereas insulin sensitivity is the ability of peripheral tissues to store glucose or fat in response to insulin.
By engaging patients in a dialogue about sensitivity, and asking about potential triggers, dental professionals can more easily identify patients who are suffering.
In contrast, the teens who opted out of the card game while they still had some money left were categorized as low in reward sensitivity.
They were diagnosed as having SHR as an explanation for their airway symptoms, in accordance with the guiding principles in this article, which recommend this diagnosis for patients with a combination of pronounced airway sensitivity to chemicals and increased capsaicin cough sensitivity.
Cultural sensitivity must become more than just a buzzword, more than something that is nice to attend to if possible.
In contrast to conventional GPS solutions, where higher sensitivity comes along with increased current consumption or worse positioning accuracy, Atmel's new ROM3.
Antimicrobial resistance often leads to therapeutic failure of empirical therapy; therefore, knowledge of the local prevalence of pathogens and their antimicrobial sensitivity patterns is essential for clinicians in their routine work.
Second, the skin prick test does not determine the precise level of sensitivity for specific antigens.
Faculty, students' and practicum supervisors' perceptions were assessed, course content was evaluated, and students' multicultural sensitivity was measured.