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SENSORSentinel Event Notification Systems for Occupational Risks
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SICK Unveils Miniature Capacitive Proximity Sensor II-40
Networked sensors may be something to consider for new plant construction but are not readily retrofittable.
Install the replacement sensor on the fuel delivery block.
The laser line sensor has two connectors, a power in connector to power the sensor and an ethernet connector for communicating with the sensor, located on the sensor housing.
Several sensor technologies can solve the relatively simple problem of determining the size of the occupant: measure weight (just like a bathroom scale), recognize a pattern (the occupant's posterior on a seat cushion), or measure pressure (ditto).
To date, the high-end DSC market has been dominated by more expensive CCDs because CMOS sensors have been unable to match CCDs in resolution and image quality.
In addition to covering sensors, the new handbook provides a list of suppliers of UV luminescent markers and additives that can be used to make targets detectable by a UV sensor.
Future Roles for Sensors In SCADA: Wireless Sensor Networks
The Roland spacing detector for steel cord is based on the simple principle of sensor signal generation by moving the web across the sensor.
All of these measure the distance from the sensor at the top of the vessel to a point on the surface of the material.