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SENSORSentinel Event Notification Systems for Occupational Risks
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In some cases, the sensor ends up "thinking" that the spatter is the target, thereby resulting in false sensing--and production downtime.
With this technique, a beam of light is projected from the sensor to the surface being measured.
Manufacturers a patented cutting edge flexible sensor, that has also proven to be an extremely durable switch.
Greater accuracy and quicker cycle times than traditional contact measurement and capacitive sensor systems used by competitors are said to be provided by the Optocator sensors.
While a pressure sensor typically measures air or hydraulic pressure on some kind of fluid media, a force transducer measures mechanical force.
Wireless sensor can be deployed almost anywhere at exceptionally low costs, when compared to a wired system.
A general rule for best sensor performance is that the spot size on the surface must be small.
4 GHz antenna, the Imote2 provides a high performance platform for advanced, compute intensive wireless sensor network applications such as digital imaging and industrial vibration monitoring.
The AU sensor is said to offer resolution in the sub-micron range.
Bundled with all kits is MoteView[TM], a PC based application for capturing, visualizing and analyzing sensor data and network management.
The 900 Series has expanded its high speed sensor technology to a longer wavelength high speed sensor.
The Frost & Sullivan research service Strategic Analysis of the Chinese Automotive Sensors Markets provides market trends and future growth prospects of the total automotive sensors, gas sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, position sensors, accelerometer sensors, and level sensors in the Chinese automotive sensors markets.