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SESSSoftware Engineering for Secure Systems (International Workshop)
SESSSchool of Economics and Social Sciences
SESSSaskatoon Engineering Students' Society
SESSSpace Environmental Sensor Suite
SESSSpace Environmental Support System
SESSSupport Equipment Standardization System
SESSSurface Effect Surface Ship
SESSSiemens Environmental Systems and Services (Pittsburgh, PA)
SESSSpecial Education Service Society (Sri Lanka)
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It is clear that children coming from low- SES households endure trials and unpleasant circumstances that are much more severe than those of middle or high-SES households.
In order to come to any conclusions, it is important to clarify how SES is measured.
Similarly, when landing on "GO TO JAIL," the lower SES must go directly to jail and remain there until doubles are rolled; the working SES must go directly to jail, but can pay $50 to get out on the next or any of the following turns or remain there until doubles are rolled; middle SES must go directly to jail and roll greater than 7 to be released or pay $50 on any following turn Upon receiving instructions to "GO TO JAIL," the upper SES immediately rolls the dice.
The justification here is to observe if cadets from lower SES groups in the game move further away from the gaming activities as the game progresses.
We are very proud that SES ASTRA TechCom has been chosen to participate in the first Vietnamese satellite project," said Ferdinand Kayser, President and CEO of SES ASTRA.
These results confirm the status of SES ASTRA as the leading satellite system for direct-to-home reception (DTH and SMATV) in Europe.
Eddy Frankland, SES AMERICOM's Vice President for Broadcast Services, agrees, "As a frequent participant in ISOG meetings, I can attest that ISOG provides a unique and important function to the broadcast industry.