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SEXSet X (1802 COSMAC Assembler)
SEXSystem Extension
SEXSoftware Exchange
SEXSouthern Express
SEXSodium Ethyl Xanthate (mining industry flotation reagent)
SEXSimple Editor for X
SEXStash Enhancement Experience (as related to acquiring craft materials) :-)
SEXSports Entertainment Extreme
SEXSynergistic Energy Exchange
SEXSacred Energy Exchange
SEXSentence, Explanation, and Example (advice about writing essays)
SEXStatement Explanation Example (proofreading)
SEXStatement Example Explanation
SEXSomething Everybody Xeroxes :-)
SEXSign Extension Unit
SEXSourashtra Exchange
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A man still well preserved, and free from weakening vices, he was a dangerous rival to younger and faster San Francisco, in the eyes of the sex, who knew how to value a repose they did not themselves possess.
You are so much used to live alone, that you do not know the value of a companion; and, perhaps no man can be a good judge of the comfort a woman feels in the society of one of her own sex, after being used to it all her life.
It almost tempts one to change one's sex to wear such things.
The beautiful Rebecca had been heedfully brought up in all the knowledge proper to her nation, which her apt and powerful mind had retained, arranged, and enlarged, in the course of a progress beyond her years, her sex, and even the age in which she lived.
Thus the young ladies are as much ashamed of being cowards and fools as the men, and despise all personal ornaments, beyond decency and cleanliness: neither did I perceive any difference in their education made by their difference of sex, only that the exercises of the females were not altogether so robust; and that some rules were given them relating to domestic life, and a smaller compass of learning was enjoined them: for their maxim is, that among peoples of quality, a wife should be always a reasonable and agreeable companion, because she cannot always be young.
But unfortunately the passion of the moment predominates, in the Frail Sex, over every other consideration.
The fashions of the day were rapidly running into the attainment of accomplishments among the young of her own sex, and the piano forte was already sending forth its sonorous harmony from one end of the Union to the other, while the glittering usefulness of the tambour-frame was discarded for the pallet and brush.
In short, each one exhibited some favorite article, and all appeared in their best, both men and women; while the ground-works in dress, in either sex, were the coarse fabrics manufactured within their own dwellings.
Of every accomplishment accustomary to my sex, I was Mistress.
A kind Providence has so skilfully adapted sex to sex and the mass of individuals to each other, that, with certain obvious exceptions, any male and female may be moderately happy in the married state.
I am not thinking of the paths of literature and of art, for there the perceptions of your sex are so marvellously acute that you indeed may often lead where we must follow.
She possesses powers which you yourself have already admitted, and you, I should say, are a fairly impressionable person, so far as her sex is concerned.