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SHARPSafety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (Massachusetts)
SHARPSheriffs’ Automobile Risk Program (Florida)
SHARPSociety for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing
SHARPShared Reconnaissance Pod (reconnaissance system in development for Navy aircraft)
SHARPSafety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention
SHARPSummer High-School Apprenticeship Research Program
SHARPSkin Heads Against Racial Prejudice
SHARPSuper High Altitude Research Project (1990s project to develop a high-velocity gun)
SHARPSelf-Healing Alternate Route Protection
SHARPSummer High School Apprentice Research Program (NASA)
SHARPSharp Hybrid Adaptive Routing Protocol
SHARPShips Analysis And Retrieval Project
SHARPSlender Hypervelocity Aerothermodynamic Research Probe (experimental space-vehicle)
SHARPSystem for Human Activity Recognition and Prediction (Intel computer R&D)
SHARPStandard Hardware Acquisition and Reliability Program
SHARPSexual Harassment and Racism Prevention (Canadian Forces)
SHARPSexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program
SHARPSingles Having A Real Purpose
SHARPSocial Habilitation And Relapse Prevention
SHARPSystem-Oriented High-Range Resolution Automatic Recognition Program
SHARPStatewide Health Access and Resources Partnership (Arkansas)
SHARPStandardized Hardware Reliability Program
SHARPSustainable Hardware and Affordable Readiness Practices
SHARPStreet Hockey Alternative Recreation Program
SHARPSafety Health Awareness and Recognition Program
SHARPStandard for Harassment & Racism Prevention (Canadian Forces)
SHARPShelter Housing Aid and Research Project (UK)
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But the kitchen-maid wept the whole night long, and said, 'I have freed you in a wood and from an iron stove; I sought you and have crossed a glassy mountain, three sharp swords, and a great lake to find you, and now you will not hear me
But Ned Land had disentangled the Captain, who, getting up without any wound, went straight to the Indian, quickly cut the cord which held him to his stone, took him in his arms, and, with a sharp blow of his heel, mounted to the surface.
Then the poor brute within gave vent to a series of short, sharp cries.
The Woodman set to work at once, and so sharp was his axe that the tree was soon chopped nearly through.
He was angry with himself, and when Sharp came in a little while afterwards he seized upon the first opportunity to quarrel with him.
But the boy had learned in that brief second a use for his sharp and shining toy, so that, as the tearing, striking beast dragged him to earth he plunged the blade repeatedly and to the hilt into its breast.
Toto had run on ahead, frisking playfully, when suddenly he uttered a sharp bark of fear and came running back to them with his tail between his legs, as dogs do when they are frightened.
Her own ears, with a snuggling movement, laid their sharp points backward and down against the head for a moment, while her mouth opened and her tongue lolled peaceably out, and in this way she expressed that she was pleased and satisfied.
The Ass replied that passing through a hedge he had trod with his foot upon a sharp thorn.
AN American Statesman who had twisted the tail of the British Lion until his arms ached was at last rewarded by a sharp, rasping sound.
Then he suddenly remembered Rose, and would gladly have hurried away to her, but his mother forbade his going out, for the sharp wind would hurt his eyes.
As Alleyne stooped to raise him, the air seemed to be alive with the sharp zip-zip of the bolts, and he could hear them pattering on the deck like apples at a tree-shaking.