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SHARPSSonic High Accuracy Ranging and Positioning System
SHARPSShip/Helicopter Acoustic Range Prediction System
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I leave it to you--that sharp, frontier, Western tang of speech.
I did bite James once pretty sharp, but John said, `Try her with kindness,' and instead of punishing me as I expected, James came to me with his arm bound up, and brought me a bran mash and stroked me; and I have never snapped at him since, and I won't either.
The maid wept all night long, and said, 'I freed you in the wild wood out of the iron stove; I have sought you, and have crossed a glassy mountain, three sharp swords, and a great lake before I found you, and will you not hear me now?
The shark's jaws opened wide, like a pair of factory shears, and it would have been all over with the Captain; but, quick as thought, harpoon in hand, Ned Land rushed towards the shark and struck it with its sharp point.
Then the poor brute within gave vent to a series of short, sharp cries.
The Woodman set to work at once, and so sharp was his axe that the tree was soon chopped nearly through.
He was angry with himself, and when Sharp came in a little while afterwards he seized upon the first opportunity to quarrel with him.
Among other things he found a sharp hunting knife, on the keen blade of which he immediately proceeded to cut his finger.
Moreover, just as Pierre was speaking a sharp rattle of drums was suddenly heard from both sides.
They soon found it hard climbing, for the rocks were uneven and full of sharp points and edges, and now there was no path at all.
Only could be heard the sharp, jarring grate of the steel runners over the hard surface and the creak of the straining sled.
As he well remembered, the hawk had been sharp of beak and claw.