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SHESafety, Health, Environment
SHESexual Health Education
SHESecondary Heat Exchanger
SHESelf Heating Effect
SHESector Head for the Exposed Source
SHESupercritical Helium
SHESelina, Hebe, Ella (band)
SHEScottish Higher Education
SHEStandard Hydrogen Electrode
SHESouth Hialeah Elementary (Florida)
SHESyrian Hamster Embryo (mutagenics)
SHESexual Homicide Exchange (advocacy and investigative website for sex killings)
SHESelf-Help Enterprises
SHESee Her Empowered (blog)
SHESociety for Human Ecology
SHESidetracked Home Executive
SHESentinel Health Event (toxicology)
SHESuper Heavy Element
SHESafe, Healthy, and Empowered
SHESuper Head End
SHESubretinal Hyperreflective Exudation (eye health)
SHEShenyang, China - Shenyang (Airport Code)
SHEShrink, Hide, Embody (design principle)
SHESeductive Human Erotica (Tech N9ne song)
SHESpontaneous Human Explosion
SHESequential Hardware Equivalence
SHESystem Hydrologique European
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When she first came to live in the little rooms in Kennington she was tired out and ashamed.
The girl went back to the well not knowing what to do, and at last in her distress she jumped into the water after the spindle.
When she woke up next morning the first thing that rose to her mind was what she had said to her husband, and those words seemed to her so awful that she could not conceive now how she could have brought herself to utter those strange, coarse words, and could not imagine what would come of it.
For a day or two she walked about apparently in a dreamy state, but really absorbed in speculation and calculation.
Well, with break of day she wakes and sits up in bed and is standing in the middle of the room.
She knew that she was not going to stay at the English clergyman's house where she was taken at first.
But she was very much troubled, and said, 'Dear father, listen to what has befallen me
After again leaving Marlott, her home, she had got through the spring and summer without any great stress upon her physical powers, the time being mainly spent in rendering light irregular service at dairy-work near Port-Bredy to the west of the Blackmoor Valley, equally remote from her native place and from Talbothays.
she said, not recognizing the face in the fitful light of the staircase.
In the middle of the village lived old Dame Shoemaker; she sat and sewed together, as well as she could, a little pair of shoes out of old red strips of cloth; they were very clumsy, but it was a kind thought.
Wickham-- when she read with somewhat clearer attention a relation of events which, if true, must overthrow every cherished opinion of his worth, and which bore so alarming an affinity to his own history of himself-- her feelings were yet more acutely painful and more difficult of definition.
She put it to her lips, and a rush of remembered sensations for a moment or two swept away all fear.