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More and more clients are realizing that shopper marketing is so important it requires a collection of different agency resources working together, rather than a single agency," said Carl Hartman, a Global Client Leader of WPP.
Shopper Marketing: Both manufacturers and retailers should establish profiles of existing "customers" by creating discrete behavioral segments based upon their habits, purchase response and history with competitors.
While shopper research in many categories focuses late in the shopper purchase pathway, when shoppers are already in the department, the early stages of channel, retailer and department choices are critical in the meal solution battle, and it's here where the battle is waged.
But open-air markets, where the art of bargaining on price keeps things lively, are also snagging more mall shoppers than they used to.
Grocery has a solid presence among trips for "tonight's dinner" that deli/ prepared foods can help build Percent of shoppers making these shopping trips for food items one or more times per week
From discounters like Kmart to specialty shops like Guitar Center, many stores still see value in letting their shoppers set aside an item, then pay it off and pick it up when they're able.
By talking with 60,000 shoppers across 120,000 shopping trips and 50 markets, we developed insights about how shoppers actually feel about stores in comparison to each other, helping us pinpoint some focus areas critical to creating emotional shopper loyalty," said Adam Dill, category management director, in a new white paper released by General Mills.
Deli and bakery products don't always come cheap, so it's not surprising that frequent foodservice customers tend to have somewhat higher incomes than the average shopper.