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SHSenior High School
SHSilent Hill (video game)
SHSchleswig-Holstein (GermanState)
SHShort-Handed (Hockey)
SHState Highway
SHShowers (METAR descriptor)
SHBourne Shell
SHSweetheart (International Order of DeMolay)
SHSt. Helena (including Ascension, Trist & Acunhais)
SHSt Helena (ISO country code)
SHSelf Help
SHShipping and Handling
SHSchaffhausen (Schaffhouse; Suisse Canton)
SHSherlock Holmes
SHSaddam Hussein
SHSame Here
SHSexual Harassment
SHSonic Heroes (video game)
SHSouthern Hemisphere
SHShe's Hot
SHShutouts (baseball pitching statistic)
SHStudy Hall (school)
SHSterling Heights (Michigan city)
SHSocial History
SHShadow Hearts (runescape clan)
SHStuff Happens (polite form)
SHSelf Harm
SHSpace Heater
SHSammy Hagar
SHSquare Head
SHService Hours
SHSacrifice Hits (Baseball)
SHSRC Homology
SHScott Hall (former WWE WWF wrestler)
SHSlap Happy
SHSemester Hour(s)
SHSpear Head (game)
SHSinus Headache
SHSafety Harness
SHSierra Hotel (very good, polite form)
SHscalp hair
SHSaint Helens (Oregon)
SHSupport Helicopter
SHSelective Hearing
SHSuper Heat (steam)
SHSupported Housing
SHStatic Host
SHSurface Habitable (French: Living Space; measurement)
SHAnti-Submarine Helicopter (military aircraft designation)
SHScripps Health
ShSherwood Number (mass diffusivity/molecular diffusivity)
SHSpring Harvest (Christian conference)
SHShattered Halls (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SHStrangerhood (fictional Machinima Series)
SHScout Helicopter
SHSwitch Hook
SHStormhold (gaming, Everquest II Zone)
SHScaife Hall (Carnegie Mellon University)
SHSegment Header
SHSpecified Hours (TV broadcasting)
ShShughni (linguistics)
SHStacking Height
SHSpastic Hypertonia
SHStupid Hero (band)
SHSethekk Halls (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SHSwitch Handler
SHSmall Himalayan (rabbit breed)
SHStetson Hatters (college baseball team)
SHShadow Haven (Everquest)
SHSingle Heterostructure
SHSubtract Halfword (IBM)
SHScorpion Harness (gaming, Final Fantasy)
SHShawn Hewitt (musical artist)
SHShabeellada Hoose (postal region, Somalia)
SHSteelton and Highspire Railroad
SHSin Harvest (gaming)
SHShadow Horde (Swirve/Utopia gaming alliance)
SHSpeech Handicap
SHStandard Heterosis
SHSpeech Handler
SHSleeve Housings
SH(USN Rating) Ship's Serviceman
SHSecundus Heres (Latin: Second Heir, epigraphy)
SHSymphony Hamilton (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
SHSimply Haddad (Singapore)
SHSidney Hollander Associates
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Paille extended the Bruins' lead to 3-1 with his short-handed goal at 11:44 of the second.
Andrew Hotham burst out of the penalty box in the first minute of the session to score on a breakaway and then Joey Martin scored short-handed to level the game.
Whitley certainly seemed to catch the referee's eye more than their visitors and spent too much time short-handed, but that did not stop them from creating the majority of the goalscoring opportunities.
In other matches, Team Aphrodite beat an undermanned Team Apollo 4-0 (2,808-2,458) and Team Hermes outplayed a several short-handed Team Artemis 4-0 (2,738-1,29).
The Spartans took a 4-3 after scoring a short-handed goal in the final second of the second period.
Champions-elect Nottingham crossed the visitors' line six times before the break for a 36-0 half-time lead and, with injuries leaving them to play short-handed, the Bulldogs were largely left on the back foot.
But after you adjust to the pace of the action I think that most players will love the excitement of the short-handed game.
Short-handed games give you more action and most professionals prefer playing against fewer opponents as they are able to win more often against less experienced players
That was an ideal chance for the Devils to recover, but they conceded a short-handed goal and were out of contention.
Heavey moaned: "It's tough playing short-handed but we must win if we want to finish in the top three in Superleague.
Finch's four short-handed goals tie him for second nationally in that category.
The Bruins had been the only team in the NHL not to allow a short-handed goal, but Dallas ended that streak by scoring not one, but two.