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Taking advantage of water shortage in the past, tube wells were constructed at different locations from where tanker owners were selling water to the residents.
The letter spearheaded by Senator Rubio is a great example of collaborative, bipartisan Congressional resolve to eliminate this shortage as quickly as possible.
A shortage of skilled workers is causing headaches for employers
Respondents also had the opportunity to submit free-text responses, and among the themes that emerged was concern regarding toxicity and adverse outcomes associated with increased use of aminoglycosides because of the shortage of piperacillin-tazobactam.
A convenience sample of meropenem utilization three months prior to the ASHP-denoted national shortage of piperacillin-tazobactam was compared to meropenem use during the three months during the shortage.
There needs to be initiatives put in place to address the shortage of nurse educators and RNs.
The app "is an innovative tool that will offer easier and faster access to important drug shortage information," Capt.
There is no shortage of three-per-pack Jockey women's briefs in
Regarding the effect of the talent shortage on their organizations, the highest percentage of employers in Bulgaria (51%) say that it reduces the competitiveness and productivity, while 46% say that shortages significantly impact their ability to meet client needs, and 39% complain of reduced innovation and creativity.
At first this paper discusses the microeconomic measures of skill shortage and explores the determinants of skill shortages i.
WHEREAS, The American Association of Colleges of Nursing recognizes that the shortage of qualified faculty is an increasing problem; and
The expanded early notification requirements would further enhance the FDA's ability to address issues prior to the occurrence of a shortage.