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Speaking at the meeting of the parliament committee for budget and finances, which discussed the amendments to the state budget of Kyrgyzstan for 2017 and forecast for 2018, Abdykaimov pledged to cover those possible shortfalls in November-December 2017.
In his message he also stated that instead of consuming energies on advertisements, if government focuses on power generation then shortfall would not exceed the limit of 3000MWs.
The Bank announced it will proceed with a capital raise via a rights issue, to cover the capital shortfall that emerged from the exercise.
Although expected shortfall, as the sum of all losses exceeding confidence interval cc, is a transformation of VaR, only expected shortfall is subadditive and coherent [Hull, Risk Management and Financial Institutions, 2012 (3rd edition)].
This shortfall could very well jeopardize, compromise the projected TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas project.
Yorkshire and Humberside saw the biggest reduction in the average monthly shortfall, with a drop of more than 85%, down to pounds 22 from pounds 161 in January.
G4S stated that the shortfall was mainly due to the failure to take account of the fact that large parts of their workforce would be unable to begin work before July 27.
BBVA) has opined that capital shortfalls in some of Spain's banks are manageable.
The recent Placement and Rights Issue which was announced on 31 August 2010, together with the placement of the Shortfall Shares, have raised approximately A$3.
Based on the latest statistics that the Company has for 2010, the Company believes that this shortfall may reach 3 million metric tons of sugar for 2010.
Baltimore: $127 million shortfall, likely resulting in a next round of layoffs and furloughs after already having eliminated more than 500 positions.
According to the statistics, Northumberland PCT is facing the largest shortfall ( some pounds 1.