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SHTStudia Humaniora Tartuensia (online humanities journal)
SHTStichting Historie der Techniek (Dutch Foundation for the History of Technology)
SHTSegway Human Transporter
SHTSubclinical Hypothyroidism
SHTSpecial Hull Treatment (tile)
SHTSaskatchewan Highways and Transportation (Canada; also seen as DHT)
SHTSystemic Hypertension
SHTSpherical Harmonic Transformation
SHTSeal Head Tank
SHTShort Holding Time
SHTSiilinjärvi Hockey Team
SHTSuppressed High-Level Differential Transfer
SHTSection Header Table (computer programming)
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In this paper, we present an extension of the SHT to detect line segments accurately; this extended transform is mainly based on the robust features of the SHT.
The uteri of all cows receiving SHT had the highest tonicity (score = 1) on d 19 postpartum.
In many other cases, the editor has succeeded in linking fragments with others that had been published in earlier SHT volumes.
The SHT implementation uses a static English dictionary with about 80.
Regardless of this, if the SHT is correct then one would expect that the changes in anatomy and life history which occurred between the APH species, and which led to changes in social organisation and mate choice behaviour, would have been reflected in changes in handaxe morphology--but this is not the case (Machin 2006).
But industry gossip says the SHT is the most profitable cash cow in the Times' chain of smaller papers, so the guess is that chances of such a sale are about nil.
SHT has upgraded the instruments based on the traditional FUE.
SHT is a pioneer in clean agent fire suppression technologies, providing a proprietary, patented alternative to Halon, a chemical compound derived from hydrocarbons which has been identified as a significant contributor to the destruction of the ozone layer.
Here he explains that although both his and Waldschmidt's editions are based primarily on the best preserved manuscript of the MAV, namely SHT 399, Waldschmidt "did not select any one manuscript as a base text, but instead created a patchwork out of fragments from different manuscripts" (p.
1370) of the same text was previously identified in SHT 6: 102, suggesting that this was a fairly well-known sutra in the Sarvastivadin tradition.
The Board of Directors of SHI has presented a proposal to SHT to expand SHI's existing Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP") to purchase 1,667,948 of the shares of SHI common stock (43.
The first volume of SHT was published by Waldschmidt, with Walter Clawiter and Lore [Sander-]Holtzmann in 1965, while the first of a projected five volumes of the dictionary based on these texts, the SWTF, was completed in 1994.