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siRNASmall Interfering RNA (duplexes)
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Suzhou Sirnaomics' lead product candidate, STP705, is an anti-fibrosis siRNA therapeutics taking advantage of a dual-targeted inhibitory property and polypeptide nanoparticle (PNP)-enhanced delivery, to directly diminish both fibrotic activity and inflammatory activity allowing for application in many disease states.
According to Western blot, HIF-1a and VEGF protein contents in HIF-1a/siRNA group were simultaneously diminished compared to SCR/ siRNA group (P<0.
The siRNA and miRNA can be administered in vivo after which it will be expressed as short hairpin RNA (shRNA) and ultimately become active siRNA.
Synthetic siRNA duplexes can induce high levels of inflammatory cytokines and type I interferons, after systemic administration in mammals and in primary human blood cell cultures.
Keywords: siRNA, shRNA, off-targets, RNAi, sequence alignment, Smith-Waterman
The firm's aim is to advance siRNA therapeutics by using its proprietary multi-targeted siRNA design and screening together with proprietary nanoparticle-mediated siRNA delivery vehicles.
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, and colleagues reported the use of a novel tissue scaffold that can deliver siRNA to nearby cells over a period of several weeks.
siRNA is a short section of double-stranded RNA that inhibits gene expression.
Next, we determined the efficacy of transfection with the p15-specific siRNA on the p15 expression in HepG2/ CDDP/2.
In addition, efforts have also been made to compare the knockdown efficiency of siRNA duplex in serum and serum free granulosa cell culture.
These include the company's AtuRNAi, a novel siRNA molecule which is chemically modified to improve stability, reduce manufacturing costs and increase yields, all of which are key considerations in the emerging RNAi therapeutics space.