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SICSSwedish Institute of Computer Science
SICSSitting in Chair Snickering
SICSStandard Industrial Classification System
SICSSistema de Informação e Conhecimento do Senac
SICSSouthern Inland and Coastal System
SICSSubaru Impreza Club des Savoie (French car club)
SICSSwedish International Chess Server
SICSSchool of Information and Computing Sciences
SICSSafety Injection Control System
SICSSensor Interaction Compensation Scheme
SICSShip Installed Chemical System
SICSSpecial Issue on Computer Security
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This SiC Junction Transistor SPICE model adds to GeneSiC's comprehensive suite of design support tools, technical documentation, and reliability information to provide power electronics engineers with the design resources necessary to implement GeneSiC's comprehensive family of SiC Junction Transistors and Rectifiers into the next generation of power systems.
New SiC MOSFETs The new SiC MOSFETs provide patented technology from Microsemi and are designed to help customers develop solutions that operate at higher frequency and improve system efficiency.
Five grams of SiC were dispersed in 550 ml of distilled water, with or without DBSA, and stirred 15 min; then the oxidant, Fe[Cl.
The contribution of INTRINSIC's ZMP process to Cree's existing world-class SiC technology and high-volume manufacturing capability represents a unique opportunity to make a new generation of cost effective SiC devices available sooner than had previously been envisioned.
SiC Junction Transistors (SJT) offered by GeneSiC exhibit ultra-fast switching capability (similar to that of SiC MOSFETs), a square reverse biased safe operation area (RBSOA), as well as temperature-independent transient energy losses and switching times.
However, so-called micropipe defects--voids that permeate SiC material as it is grown--have hampered yield improvement and price reductions.
INTRINSIC manufactures both insulating and conducting SiC wafers, and SiC and gallium nitride (GaN) epitaxial products in 50-mm and 75-mm diameters, and will expand all products in this diverse line to 100-mm.