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Such examination is performed with the colonoscope, a lengthened version of the sigmoidoscope equipped to biopsy or completely remove any polyps that may be present-the precursors of colon cancer.
Similar to the flexible sigmoidoscope, the colonoscope is a longer tube that allows the health care professional to examine the entire large intestine.
Almost three times the length of the rigid sigmoidoscope, the flexible sigmoidoscope can be passed through the entire length of the large bowel, enabling both the operator and the patient to view every square inch of one's colon in glorious living color through a tiny TV camera in its tip.
However, early data indicate that CoCaP appears to be reducing the occurrence of colorectal cancer that is within the reach of the sigmoidoscope by 22 percent, meaning that about 85 fewer Kaiser Permanente members in Northern California are developing the disease each year.
Physicians participating in VideoPath sigmoidoscope pilot installations report outstanding picture quality and ease of maneuverability.
The company has installed approximately 90 of its Fiber Optic Sigmoidoscope Systems in primary care, colon rectal surgeon, and gastroenterological offices and hospital endoscopic suites.
com)-- Market Reports on India presents the report on "India Sigmoidoscopes Market Outlook to 2020" the epidemiology-based forecasting model arrives at the final numbers.
Rigid sigmoidoscopes were employed in the diagnosis of distal lesions but were not (to the relief of patients) used for screening (8).
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust, requires a company for the maintenance of various Olympus scopes, ie gastroscopes, colonoscopes, dudodenoscopes, enteroscopes, bronchoscopes, sigmoidoscopes, laryngoscopes, cystoscopes and intubating fibrescopes.
11) Over the past several decades, however, there has been an increase in the number of lesions arising from more proximal regions of the colon, necessitating the use of flexible, fiberoptic sigmoidoscopes.
Amongst the equipment are sigmoidoscopes, gastroscopes, a diathermy unit and suction pump - used to investigate and treat stomach problems and two cardiac defibrillators.
Includes Colonoscopes, Duodenoscopes, Enteroscopes, Gastroscopes, Sigmoidoscopes, Ultrasound Videoscopes